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MV Transport through France

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I have done a search and found bits and bobs of information on the forum, but I thought I'd start a new thread anyway.


I have two WW2 chassis with axles, engine, gearbox, bits of a floor and generally rusty scrap. There certainly isn't a data plate or any ID!


Obviously I don't want to get stuck on route when bringing them back from Germany, what would I need in terms of paper work? If they were in a scrap mans skip I'm sure they wouldn't even get noticed, but in our case they will be on trailers. One will be complete, the other cut in half for ease of transport. You can see the photos in 'tracked vehicles' Loyd thread.


I am having issues as to if they ARE vehicles or PARTS, as one is chopped in half then surely it isn't classed as vehicle anymore?



Germany - Belgium - France - UK.



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I brought my Gaz 69 through france no problem I brought a zil 131 and a load of other spares through France. I had no problems, I had no paper work to allow them transit.


My ural 375d's came through france on a low loader..no problems

my star 660's came through france no problems,


I have heard that they can get touchy about some things but i guess armour is their biggest issue..

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