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A Low-Loader Would've been nice...

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Looks like the daily telegraph doesn't have enough home grown stories to mis report.


It doesn't look like a forest to me -it's hard by a railway line with a factory in the background and probably happens regularily without any ending up in the hands of terrorists, despite the protestations of the babuskas there does not seem to be any ammo in the tanks indeed they lack 14.5mm a/a guns so look as though they were properly made safe. It is likely that these tanks are awaiting some form of refurbishment or even perhaps reduction, the good thing is despite D.T. retoric the Russian Government are being responsible (possibly a first!!) by removing these vehicles from the Georgian area , where many of the 3rd rate militia units in the recent conflinct were using T62 and BMP1s.


As a youngster in Newcastle I with friends regularly played on early Chieftains -refurbished Cents and Abbotts on transporters awaiting drivers for their long run south, I'm surprised the D.T. weren't ranting about these -as to irresponsiblity the 'missing' drivers were in Scotswood Road pubs loading up on beer and pies for the journey.



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