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Jeep Fuel Pump Rebuild - Useful Tip

Jessie The Jeep

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Today I put a new seal kit into my fuel pump. The pump was showing signs of not doing its best and was weeping slightly around the bowl. The main diaphram has a metal pin through the centre which has an eye in the end. The eye goes over the lever in the pump housing. For those who have done it, you will know that once the rubber seal and spring are fitted, it can be quite difficult to hook the eye onto the lever.


Now for the useful tip!


I struggled for 5 minutes to hook it on, but it wasn't going to fit. A quick check of the old diaphram and new one revealed the eye on the new one was much more narrow than the old one and was never going to fit over the arm in the pump housing. So after a little work with a diamond needle file, it was tried without the spring and rubber seal until I knew it would fit over the arm, then the pump was assembled properly.


So be warned and check the sizes before you try an assemble or you'll be there all day and it will never fit!

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The replacement one i put on the Dodge had the same problem... but fortunately the pin was bolted through the original diaghram rather than riveted as per the replacement... cut the new diaghram away from the new pin and bolted it to the old pin... bobs yer uncle :-D

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