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Hello all

Dotty Dodge

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Hi All


My name is Rowan and i live in Chippeham Wiltshire im 18 and have just bought my first military Vehicle a month ago. I bought a 1942 wc51 dodge weapons carrier and her name is Dotty! Trouble is i dont know a thing about mechanics! So i thought i would register and if i need any help i would just ask?

I have been a mvt member for 2 years but dont know many local mv owners! How many are there of you local to wiltshire?


Sorry about the spelling :oops:


Best Regards


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Hello Dottys dad,

I met you at Kemble steam, We had the Bedford & beetle & were just over the road way from you. You probably remember the 2 big :shock: blokes ( roy & trev ) who were next to us.

We are having an end of season meet at the plough in Crudwell on 23/24/25th september & you are more than welcome to come along for the weekend.

PM me if you are interested as space is limited.

Hope to see you there


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Welcome Rowan.


Well done on your Dodge, you must be well pleased. Don't worry about the mechanics side to much, there are a lot of clever people on here, just ask a question and someone will be able to help you.


Have you any images of your truck?

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Hi Rowan


Good to see another WC owner here! if you need any help or advice fire away,I've got two Dodge's and a heap of spares etc.if I havn't got it I can probably tell you who has.




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