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What about this tacked vehicle + track Question

phil munga

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Hi all just seen this tracked vehicle and thought you might like it , its got four tracks


and looks to go well on the ski slopes




What do people prefer on there tracked vehicles

1 the drive sprocket been at the front

2 drive sprocket at the rear


and is there any advantages between the two ??

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Nice enough for a car with MATTRACKS on it. If they were going to do it right they should have altered the steering setup to get wagon steer like I have on mine.


You can see the wagon steer effect here;




In addition the original Tuckers had full metal pontoons which prevented side-slip on snow, and with the wagon steer and full-length pontoons you can actually drive down the side of a hill, turn on the side slope, and drive back up, which he couldn't with that car as it would be rolling door over door downhill.


Drive sprocket placement isn't a big thing. It is generally better at the front to get the drive effort closest to the part of the track that does the most work, but if you stick the engine at the back and have a long complex drivetrain coming forward, then the weight penalty generally means it doesn't perform well on really deep snow.


Tucker used a conventional Chrysler engine and drivetrain in permanent 4 x 4, and although the chassis was steel, a lot of the contruction was aircraft grade aluminium. With the hollow pontoons the effect was more like a light aircraft than a truck, which is why the military Tuckers were no real success as they abandoned the original lightness for military spec cargo bodies and so on.

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