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Campbelltown Torpedo Boat Wreck


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Hello all

these pictures are of a NASTY Class boat wrecked in Campbelltown Loch across from the NATO jetty...




A Norwegian Tjeld class boat they were used all over NATO and for famously by the Americans in Vietnam...

powered by the awsome Napier Deltic diesel engines..


This one was bought with four of her sisters in Norway and taken to Troon they lay there for many years in the harbour/marina then sold in the early 90's...one was returned to Norway, another to the south on England (Cornwall) and again restored, and this poor thing ended up here...


Here is a link for more info on the class...



Campbelltown pics 013.jpg

Campbelltown pics 011.jpg

Campbelltown pics 004.jpg

Campbelltown pics 005.jpg

Campbelltown pics 006.jpg

Campbelltown pics 008.jpg

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