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I was born into the Army & spent my childhood playing on camp so it seemed a natural progression.

We bought a landrover for use as a car & it turned out to be a series 111 still with all the electric plugs & sockets for the radios, we found the army plate & never looked back really.



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I wasn't brought up in the army but from a child I have always been surrounded with its history especially WW2. I can remember bunking off school to watch the Hermes come into Portsmouth on its return from the Falklands war and I can also remember 'leaving' school to attend the opening of the D-Day museum at Southsea which was also the 40th aniversary of D-Day, that day has pretty much stuck in my mind as there I was a young lad mixing and shaking hands with all of these veterans.


I never thought that one day I would be part of the movement that is now keeping history alive. I adore it.

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