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Ok, ok.... you've waited long enough now- my Saracen!!


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Here follows a small collection of photos, of my lovely pride and joy!, no, not that pride and joy!...-Nikki, my gorgeous partner is in bed so no pictures!!!,:nono: I mean my other pride and joy! Saracen 83 BA 78.....


The 1st picture is before...ish

2nd picture, taken during manouevres, this July on 'Operation Prom-night' (with magnetic civvy reg.no. plates!)


....quite a transformation!:-D

Saracen 07 May 03 Before Restoration.jpg

I'll park where I bloody like!.jpg

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a few more....

3rd pic...moody Black and white, with the Morris 1300, parked behind, could almost be 1960's/70's, but is actually 2007, September, if I recall....

4th pic A happy day for Sue and Brian, on their wedding day...... rather unusual form of weding transport!

83 BA 78 front quarter view 15.03.07.jpg

arrival at wedding.jpg

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enough of the wedding shots I hear you groan!, well maybe a shot of the maid of Honour, then some oily pics..... and maybe the rather novel Hood Mascot!!! :cool2:


and lastly, but not least my lovely Nikki, posing in the Turret, at Easter this year....:iloveyou:pics%20from%20phone%2026%2003%2008%20076.jpg

This is SUE.jpg

Nikki in Turret.JPG

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Hi all,'oily' here using Dad's computer.....:-D there are some more things I need a bit of help with, regarding my saracen, but I put them under the 'research' heading, by mistake .....please have a look, and see if you can help.... it is mostly

'vehicle record card' stuff, I'm trying to decipher what it all means.....:coffee:

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