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  1. Reviving an old thread I know, forigve me. It would appear these (and the matching trousers) date back to around the early to mid 1960s. They are indeed flight deck protective clothing. I've attached some photos from the period. Unfortunately the most distinctive identifying elements are hidden beneath the surcoats but elements such as the buttoned lower pockets, large double-button flap at the collar, elasticated outer cuffs etc. are visible.
  2. Hi Chaps, sorry I seem to be spamming the forum with queries at the moment but I'm wondering if anyone out there knows the date of introduction for the Mk. 4 helmet modified to take the perspex riot visor? It's something I've not been able to turn up in any of my books or online, including a search of this forum so would be grateful if anyone knows or could point me in the right direction. Secondly I'd be interested to know was the modified helmet issued outside Northern Ireland to anyone's knowledge? Cheers in advance!
  3. Thanks for the info chaps, I've been over the pack again and can't find any trace of manufacturers stamps anywhere.
  4. I decided to purchase one of the belts offered by Silvermans as they aren't too expensive and I could combine postage with another item so here are some photos. In this instance I think the loops might have been added after initial manufacture. As you can see it has a pair of D rings at the back, the original is plastic, the other a metal replacement.
  5. It is indeed an oddity, I take it then the Belt Waist (Adjustable) follows the Mk 2 1958 pattern exactly? From photos I've seen of the latter I can't pick out any differences. I will admit I plan to use it as a stand in on my nylon set until I find an example of proper vintage.
  6. Hi Paul, thanks for that, as I say I have the earlier pack frame with the D rings to take the shoulder straps, will put some photos up when I get it in order. I know what you mean by the nylon webbing loops on the waist belt but the difference I'm referring to is on the back, the one Silvermans sell separately from the rucksacks have two D rings on the back whereas the type I've seen and the one they sell attached to the rucksack when bought complete has straps and buckles on the back to attach to the frame. It's possible the belts they're selling separately have been modified or are for a different purpose?
  7. I've been reading back through the forum and that does seem to be the case, thanks for that. Likewise would be very interested to see the manual for each set of equipment.
  8. Hi Chaps, hoping someone might be able to advise, looking for advice on the RM arctic rucksack waist belt, I've recently purchased a ruck on the earlier yellow frame and I'm looking to pick up a suitable waist belt. Silvermans sell what they say are the belts which look right save for having two D rings on the back rather than strap and buckles to attach to the frame as I've seen on other examples, are these belts Silvermans have something completely different or a variation? Either way I'm looking for the right belt for a pre-'83 rucksack.
  9. Hi chaps, would be interested if someone with a nylon 1958 pattern belt in their collection might be able to compare it to this 1995 dated Belt Waist (Adjustable). Are there any difference in detail of construction etc? I'm just intrigued if this belt is, essentially, the same as the nylon 1958 trials pattern as a point of interest.
  10. A shame really as they could have done with making the pack a bit more voluminous and providing a better system of carriage but there we are!
  11. Not that I can see Paul, the dimensions seem around the same, there is one other slight difference I've noticed, the hooks to attach to the yoke are the other way up, that is they hook down onto the d-rings as opposed to up and under them as on the issue packs.
  12. Forgive my ignorance but which system is the '75 pattern? I'm aware of what many call '72 pattern but not '75 pattern, could anyone give me a description or share a photo? It's possible I know it but by a different, incorrect name!
  13. Thought this might interest some on here, picked up at Stoneleigh last weekend, a 1957 dated trials 1958 pattern pack with the press stud to secure the quick release shovel/pick axe handle carrier. I'm afraid it proved rather difficult to photograph the markings.
  14. As said here are photos of my nylon version of this pack and a photo of the same pattern in use during the '90-'91 Gulf War.
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