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  1. Yep,that’s what I was gonna check them against. ill drop him a reminder as not heard back yet
  2. Yes I got an email about the one on the other forum,just waiting to hear about frame and engine numbers
  3. Do you have a link? Think I tried looking before but kept coming up Aston Martin oc. will post again on bsa site later tonight and see.
  4. Yes I have seen that one and have messaged to ask for the frame no. And engine no. On eBay and milweb,he did reply on milweb with engine no but not frame no and is now not replying when I’ve asked. as you say at a reasonable price it could be the basis to get it right,but would rather something a bit more complete wartime spec hence asking on here.
  5. Thanks,I did a few months ago but didn’t get any joy. i may submit another request and see what it brings. thanks for the help
  6. Hi,would appreciate any heads up in my search for a matchless G3l
  7. I have previously read somewhere that helmets were in fact painted kg3 but after a while oxidised and they turned to the brown colour most are seen, leading most to believe the helmets were painted service brown. the colour we know use for our BEF helmets are now kg3
  8. Thanks,always wondered what it was. seems I finally found the answer!
  9. Just browsing Morris c8 gs's and came accross this thread. was this truck being restored in a garage behind nettos in wolverton? I remember driving past a few times and seeing a truck being restored,just curious if this was it?
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