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  1. Hello Ploughman (and Lizzie if she's listening) Whilst researching my own Topic I came across a small reference to 169 Ry Wksp Sqn RE in the History of the Royal Engineers Volume 10 which covers the period 1948 to 1960. It is in Chapter IV Page 87. I think if you were to look in Volume 9 you might find soomething else (too early for my purposes). The history is free to view on line at this link. Hope this is of some help, Jim. RE History Vol 10.
  2. Here are some photographs of the exterior and r of the Garrison Church, Tobruk in the mid 50s
  3. The caption for the postcard is Wadi el Kuf Bridge and the Jebel
  4. Thank you both for your interest. I have some photos but they are mainly family happy snaps. Some postcards like the one below showing the Long Span Bailey Bridge built by 22 Engr Regt (I think ) in 1946. Postcards from Cyrene ruins. Some good snaps of the exterior and interior of the Garrison Church. I will also message both of you with some info I would prefer not to make too public,
  5. I am new to this website having joined seeking information about some trucks that appeared in a photo of my father on vehicle guard duty in the 1930s. Having a look round I came across this thread, Dad served in the RASC from 1927 to 1960, granted an Emergency Wartime Commission in India in 1944 (serving with 61 AD Coy RASC) and then in 1955-7 he was Adjutant Tobruk Garrison. He commanded the column that was sent to the Libya/Egypt border to evacuate British personnel from the Cairo embassy, including the Ambassador, Sir Humphrey Trewellyn, during the Suez Crisis. If further information might be of interest would you post a reply and then I will know this is of interest to others.
  6. I believe they were in use in the RASC around 1930. The soldier served between 1927 and 1933 in Feltham and Catterick.
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