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  1. Hellooo, so sorry, I don’t actually look on here very often so apologies for not replying. The double decker body will be sympathetically restored with new wood as needed and then obviously new stairs and top deck when eventually we get there. Really there are very little differences between the Riker and Locomobile, same model designation, all running gear identical apart from the starter provision on the Riker and of course different ignition system etc. The Locomobile is relatively early so has the the radiator prior to the finned version of Locomobile, after that the name changed to Riker and again a finned version.
  2. Totally agree with Tim regarding the similarities between a B type Locomobile and B type Riker, radiator , electrics and starter are the main difference. 4 speed gearbox plus reverse , cone clutch and transmission brake is the set up. On a different note, the Double decker battle bus body restoration starts tomorrow!!!
  3. I haven’t been in touch with the tyre company I’m afraid. when I next see him ile ask
  4. Hi, very little, literally 5 mins with a sander then on the road, now they are muddy and used they look very good.
  5. Yes the old rubber was cut off then these new polyurethane ones hot poured and then finished on a lathe. They are some big old tyres I tell you!!!
  6. A chap in Cornwall, ile find out first if he’s happy to do it as it’s not his main part of the business. im sure he would be happy to quote though
  7. Here’s a few photos of the Liberty rear wheels with her new tyres moulded on. Thanks for correcting me on the material , knew it was “poly” something lol!!! So far so good 👍
  8. Tyres are brilliant, not actually rubber but polypropylene type material I think, certainly not natural rubber. much cheaper and work superbly well.
  9. There should be more videos earlier on in this thread that I put on a few weeks ago. the Liberty is similar in theory and would share the same GS body. yes my 1913 model T👍👍
  10. Liberty video IMG_1005.mov IMG_1004.mov
  11. No trouble with the Liberty. We use her and do miles with her. New rear tyres and brakes literally the day before. ile send videos 👍
  12. Ah thanks very much, we are very lucky👍👍
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