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  1. Could perhaps be closer to Old Buckenham. The station was originally planned to be a satellite of Knettishall.
  2. Yes, fascinating place. I'm looking out my window over the airfield as I type this. Subsequent to that photo I have removed the fantasy hood number and am contemplating marking her up to represent one of the many units that were here - perhaps even from the time of Operation Carthage. Previous owner in the UK had the truck resprayed and added SFHD [San Fransisco Harbour Defence] markings. The vehicle spent her postwar life local to SF from 1946 - 2013 having been cast / sold by the military at the Benicia Arsenal in June 25 '46. She remained in her first civilian owners hands until she was bought in recent years by a chap with a garage locally who had carried out the annual servicing starting in 1963. The thinking behind the markings was that given the point of disposal the vehicle may have been used by the SFHD ....but of course nothing is certain. What is certain is that it was fitted with a later replacement engine before being cast by the military [see below]. The first civi owner paid a fair chunk of money for the Jeep too. Fortunately the Jeep has retained its bill of sale / permission to collect from the Office Of Surplus property form. An interesting article regarding that particular sale from the San Fransisco Chronicle here - includes some good photos [click on the images to see them all] .
  3. They are very local to me, very local indeed ๐Ÿ˜‰
  4. Fersfield, Norfolk. The huts are currently back up for sale with planning consent for conversion to dwelling but retaining general outward appearance.
  5. Recently purchased MB DoD Feb 25 '43.
  6. Boss says I can buy a new toy so I'm actively looking for an MB/GPW / WC-51 or possibly MW / CMP sized wartime vehicle. Not looking for a project as I've been there and done that more than once in the past but something that's tidy, goes, stops. Don't mind minor fettling or paintwork but I'm getting too old / lazy don't have the willpower to do ground up stuff on basket cases any more๐Ÿ˜‰ The closer to East Anglia the better as she doesn't let me out on my own for long now. No 25-30k Jeeps please. Many thanks.
  7. Couple of shots following repainting a month or two ago.. Previous owner had already converted it to a living / show support trailer
  8. Apologies for the thread revival but ditto the above here except I acquired a binned stores example a few months back. I could really do with some info regarding the braking system which appears to be all present although now minus a broken fluid reservoir.
  9. Hi, Been a member here before many moons ago but a failing memory and / or change of email address etc means the easiest thing for me to do was re-register. Interests are many although the workshop cum garage is currently devoid of anything in a matt finish. That said I'm looking for info on a Rubery Owen binned stores trailer I acquired a few months back. Location Norfolk. Previously Suffolk & Hertfordshire. Steve
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