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  1. Thank you for the info. Silvermans are about to have a clear out of their warehouse soon. I will check with them regarding the MK2 58. Cheers.
  2. No not ebay this set. I have had this for a while. The poncho roll was the last bit to come. Just looking for a belt and water bottle pouch. Thanks.
  3. My mistake! I see that they are both angled R and L pouches.
  4. Angled and straight fixings on the ammo pouches too. I thought that they would have just trailed one style?
  5. Yes the water bottle pouch is a civvy type that I put together with the set. That pic from the trials is very good to see, thank you. I will look out for another poncho roll.
  6. An example of 58 nylon. Anyone know if there was a 58 belt made. I assume that there was but I have never seen one. Thank You.
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