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  1. A couple more for the list: CT1A/1320 Trousers, Combat, Temperate DPM - manufacture date unknown CT34b/1173 Trousers, Combat, Tropical, Jungle, DPM - manufacture date unknown I have several of each and the tags are VERY badly faded. This has been a best attempt at reading them using a flashlight at various angles to try to make the markings more distinct.
  2. I just picked up several British radios that I'm going through checking the function of. One of them is a PRC-349 with the Racal battery cassette that takes 10 alkaline batteries. Because of how it was stored, the batteries ruptured and leaked. I've cleaned most of it up, but the circuit board opposite where the cassette connects to the radio has some corrosion on it I can't reach. Can this board be removed and, if so, how do I do it?
  3. Ruxy, Sorry for the delayed response, I've had several things going on here. I apologize if my earlier post was poorly phrased - the batteries I'm trying to match are for the radio station. I'm in a living history group and plan to restore this Rover as a fully functional FFR. I wasn't able to find any references anywhere to the original batteries, hence the original question.
  4. OK, here in the States battery sized are listed by BCI (Battery Council International) Group Number. I'm sure there's an interchange manual somewhere. I'm a little surprised that the Amp Hour listing for the 069 is only 68, the User Handbook spec is 100. I guess it's not going to make a huge difference for me as I'm not planning on running the radio set for hours on end, but I'm wondering if there will be performance issues with the radio sets.
  5. Thanks, ruxy! OK, I think I have this now. Both cables come out of the hole through the raised channel in the cover, through the opening in the side of the TUAAM box (which is missing the rubber weather seal), plug into the TUAAM which then plugs into the antenna jack in the top of the TUAAM box. Do I have that right?
  6. My newest is January 1981, and I figured whatever Oldham was they are long out of business. What is a "BS Spec. case"? Sorry for the daft questions, but this is all new to me!
  7. Photos of the wings below. Each wing has a little compartment under that flap with two wires in it, one is an 'L' shaped plug with a coaxial pin and the other an 'L' shaped plug with 7 pins. There were also the broken remains of what looked like plastic clips for the wires inside the compartments.
  8. OK, mine doesn't have these. About 6 to 9-inches behind the TUAAM box there is a hole through each wing about 2-inches in diameter. It's covered by a hinged plate and secured at the front end with a single screw. Inside the hole is a cable with an 'L' shaped boot and pin connector. I know the vehicle served until 1993, so is this a later modification or something else entirely? If it's light enough when I get home I'll take some photos.
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm slowly fitting out my 1979 Series III 109 FFR and am trying to find a matching battery type for the Oldham HD6QB1145 batteries referred to in the User Handbook. I haven't been able to find any information on these batteries, so what do the rest of you guys use in place of them? Cheers, Atherton
  10. Is this what you mean by cable storage box?
  11. Thanks for all the information! Especially the link to the Ernest Lake site, that's going to be very useful. fesm_ntd: I need the wiring information for BOTH the wing boxes and the side masts. I have antennae installed, however there's no wiring for them. Thanks again, Atherton
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm still pulling together all the little bits for my Series III 109 FFR (ex-10 Para) and I've got a couple of (probably) very basic questions. First, did Rover supply Series IIIs to the Army with a bottle jack or some other type of jack? If it was a bottle jack, does anyone have basic dimensions? Where was it stored? On a somewhat unrelated note, where would I go to find out how to wire up the antennae on my FFR? Thanks in advance, Atherton
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