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  1. There are only Two operational Stalwarts in Australia and both are spoken for. There are a few over in New Zealand, some come up for sale...……..may be cheaper than importing from UK.
  2. 101 Ron

    BSA WDB40

    I am still using a small supply of original army filters. my searches for a civil replacement air filter never came up with a direct match. I think the closest one I found would fit with rework of the filter and the plate that holds it. Fiat Bambino??????? an long time a go when I looked at this. Ron
  3. The FV 432 was owned by a panel beater who had a little bit of a side business hiring out the vehicle for films and Weddings etc. A employee of the panel beater was unhappy about things in general. The employee had seen how the vehicle was started and operated during his normal course of employment.( he had nothing to do with the vehicle as apart of his employment) The employee came back after work one day and took the vehicle out of a secured and locked premises and cause a police chase and damage.. Another case was a another APC was taken by a ex soldier from a army depot
  4. Sorry to hi jack the thread and good luck to another new Stalwart owner......Dan77 I had these photos I have taken of both Saracen and Stalwart rear RHS wheel stations. It is interesting to note the differences of the ride heights. Stalwart below Stalwart rear tracta joint angle standard ride ht by john smith, on Flickr Saracen below Saracen rear tracta joint angle by john smith, on Flickr
  5. Agreed 100 percent and the reason why I placed the words standard suspension height when mentioning the Stalwart. Ron
  6. Reverse any standard Stalwart on full lock on concrete, say though a gate way and the driver will feel the vehicle load up and take alot of energy and power to do the turn. When you do this sort of move you usually you have someone guiding you because of the poor rearwards visibility. .......the person guiding you can normally see the wheels slip and the tyres leave black scrub marks. If travelling on hard roads tyre wear is enormous on a standard Stalwart if you are doing any sort of real distances..................the British army could afford it, but I cannot. Three options
  7. Like lowfat said the outside splined part of the coupling is machined away by about Three quarters to may be One inch. The out side of the coupling gets a coller welded onto it so a fork can move the outer part of the coupling backwards or forwards. A air cylinder is the best way to move the fork and coupling as the vehicle has air already advailable and the air will leave a constant pressure on the coupling to engage or disengage until the splines line up or the load is removed from the coupling. Further support can be given to the coupling and shaft by making a special coll
  8. Three Known Stalwarts in Australia and only one so far with the disconnects and gear ratio changes. The shafts as mentioned are super heavy, but to support them requires a split type ,self aligning bearing as the shaft is smaller than the splines on the muff couplings either end. That bearing is extremely expensive. Everyone who has done it has used the standard ( modified) muff coupling as the clutch and it also supports the weight of the shaft. It is not ideal, but it works. The coupling is usually moved by air, but has also been done by cable. Plan to fit coupl
  9. Most of the commercial tourist DUKWs have been greatly changed from the original army design. diesel motors, only one or two axles driving etc. one of the main changes appears to be the Higgins pump usually gets removed as it is high maintance and replaced with small plastic electric items. The Higgins pump runs when the propeller turns and is very high output. What do these commercial operators do for drive shaft seals/belows, as the old new stock would be cracked or melded with age and hard to find. The hulls for commercial operations usually have been much changed
  10. Wondering if you guys in the UK are getting the Chinese knock off fluid. The good stuff is purple in colour. May add my 101 landrover has had disc brake conversion and re seleeved master cylinder, as have the clutch slave and master cyl……..again no problems. ( I may add 101 Landrovers suffer from transfer of brake fluid from one fluid reservoir to another due to the design of the master cylinder and seals.....the silicone fluid stopped this problem due to its better sealing and lubrication properties) I have also used the stuff at work on different vehicles and on a 1995
  11. I have been running silicone in my 101 Landrover, US6 Studebaker, modern work van,1960 willys CJ6 jeep for more than 10 years with no problems. I find I get longer seal life , less corosion of brake parts and better lubrication of parts. Silicone doesnt strip paint. Never had a problem with bleeding brakes or a soft pedal. Alcohol based fluids tend not to lubricate and cause rust. Most anti silicon negative reports are old ones based in the 1970s when silcone fluids were first beening developed. The modern purple silcone fluid is made I think 3M or Dupont?...I do
  12. On a stalwart,I fitted a 24 volt electric fuel pump and got the power supply for it from the housing that has the starter and ballast connections in it. The pump was mounted straight on the engine block where the mechanical pump goes , so the the standard fuel line and fittings where used. So far no problems. Vibs from the engine could make the fuel pump fail, but being a 8 cyl B81 which runs very smooth it has not been a problem and I carry a spare pump , just in case and is a easy fit on a Stalwart.
  13. A QL is currently being restored in Australia with a GMC 270 engine..........it seems to be a very good fit.
  14. It is not cast. Deep stamped or forged hot from steel bar by the looks of it.
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