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  1. Thanks for the historical reference Jimland74! It's the first 'in-service' photo I've seen of 00CC78. I wonder if the turret might have been removed when it was in service at BATUS (for better crew visibility). I know that when the British Army purchases Canadian produced 1 ton, crew cab 4x4's for range control, they cut a large hole in the roof!
  2. A minor modification was the addition of an 'M' Series Throttle cable that activates the fuel pump primer leaver. A bracket was fabricated and bolted to the coil housing - priming made easy! The Jolley Electronic Ignition was also installed.

    Fantastic idea!! Do you have any images or diagrams showing how you did this? I am having problem working out the exact layout/design you used. Thanks

  3. Are you concerned about sufficient cold air supply to feed the beast?
  4. It is true that modern N. American military vehicles use silicone brake fluid - little yellow warning stickers everywhere advising the operator or REME tech of same. From my own personal experiences with the Ferret, the entire brake system was replaced at great time and expense, so we thought why not go with silicone after coming all this way (for all the reasons that 101 Ron stated)? A year of soft peddle, a dozen bleeds, removal and machining of the already rebuilt master cylinder and much teeth clenching, replacing the silicone with dot 4 made all the difference in the world. The brakes
  5. Whoa! (That's North American for holy crap!). We need some video of this modification in action and some performance updates ... And I thought that I was pushing the boundaries with electronic ignition and fuel pump. Darcy
  6. Interior and a couple exterior updates... The Clansman radios are installed! After much test fitting and cosmetic restoration, both radios are complete. The front and rear Tuaams are installed and all cables connected. Next came all of the boxes necessary to make everything work - a big thanks to Clive McDonnell for all of his assistance sourcing the boxes and cables. I started taking pictures o the interior from the center, going counter clockwise. Then some exterior shots of the rear hatches - I spent quite a bit of time dissembling the hatches, cleaning and detailing everything.
  7. The notice from Lockheed would be great to see. Others in our local MVPA club are restoring an M8 Greyhound with both hydraulic clutch and accelerator. They too used silicone and are having nothing but grief. That issue may well be related to David's comments as the diameter of the lines are quite large. We even tried to power bleed the brakes on the Ferret with no noticeable difference.
  8. Hello, Those of you who have read my prior post regarding the restoration of 00CC78, know that I spent considerable time and money rebuilding the brake system on my Ferret. The master cylinder was re-sleeved in stainless and everything else was rebuilt other than the metal brake lines - they were flushed thoroughly. The brakes never worked properly since the rebuild - they were soft and never built up pressure. After a couple more bleeds, we dissembled the master cylinder, honed the stainless sleeve and machined the piston thinking that it wasn't moving far enough to allow the
  9. Thanks Dale! I will be updating the radio installation again shortly. Darcy
  10. Well that didn't seem to work - here's the YouTube link: More winter maintenance - cylinder head was re-torqued and the timing was adjusted - result! Love the Rolls Royce B60! 20171125_103014.mp4
  11. More winter maintenance - cylinder head was re-torqued and the timing was adjusted - result! Love the Rolls Royce B60! 20171125_103014.mp4 20171125_103014.mp4
  12. Hi Robert, I experienced the same issue as you. The original mechanical fuel pump is good and obviously lasts a long time but when she fails, your main bearings get washed with fuel (not a good thing). We used a Facet cylindrical 24 volt pump that produces 4-5 psi. We added a regulating valve and a return line. Using a gauge, we started at 2.5 psi and moved up to about 3 psi after it seemed to be starved for fuel around 2,500 rpm. A picture can be found by scrolling down in the British Vehicles forum under BATUS Ferret 00CC78 Refurbish. These pumps can be found on EBay. The electric
  13. Well, it's the dog days of winter out here on the prairie - time to tinker on the interior, specifically, the radios. I decided to go with the 353 and 351/2 set up and I wanted everything to be functional so a fair bit of planning and sourcing of parts was required. I was able to find everything but one part of the 351/2 mount (see 1st pic), so I made one based off of the photo. A few test fits were required to ensure then it was time to blow it all apart and paint/detail all of the bits. With re-assembly came the installation of the armored cable from the front mounted tuaam and the Arfat
  14. Thanks John1950, I will definitely try the tire black! I have read several posts and appreciate the fact that the old Dunlops are en route to extinction ...
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