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  1. The Overlord show wants your vehicle in August come along www.overlord.co.uk come along and have a good time show your vehicle off
  2. Overlord show would like military vehicles www.overlordshow.co.uk
  3. The Overlord show has been moved to August 2021 due to Covid a great show come along gates open 0900 on Friday 13th 3 day show ww2 reenactors, Living history Home front with a village/street built this year come along £13 gate fee for public we also need your military vehicle and re-enactors go to our web site wwwoverlordshow.co.uk lets get the show going again and put the last year behind us (covid freindly show) why not either come along as a visitor or sign up as a re-actor or bring your military machine. Look forward to seeing you Richard Salter
  4. A 25pounder in good condition 1s about £12000
  5. Hi I have used the air born garage I brought my Leyland hippo of Morris at air born garage. good communication and had no problems at all 🙂
  6. hi are there cracks to the cord and when was the last time were they of the rims ?
  7. until

    Hi every one if you have not herd by now Due to government guide lines and the Covid 19 out break we have taken the sad decision to cancel this years show😥 But keep an eye on our web site as we will be putting the overlord show on next year at the end of May as always God willing. I would like to say a big thank you to all of you who support this show and wish you all to stay safe at this unprecedented time Thank you Richard Salter Solent overlord executive Chairman
  8. I have one of these trailers, mine is a Brockhouse 5ton trailer they only brake on the rear axle they had two types overrun brakes and Vacuum brakes mine is Vacuum brakes there is a actuation chamber under the chassie of the trailer which operates the brakes i tow it with my Leyland Hippo like most vehicles of this age they were vacuum over hydraulic systems the pipe from the trailer screws straight on to the connection on the lorry. as the trailer is historic it doesn't need plating as long as you are not using it for hire or reward. I wrote to the DVLA to ask if i could load my Loyd carrier on the trailer and take it to shows; They then put me in touch with the IVS (international Vehicle Standards) whoe sent me a letter saying they do not have a problem with towing the trailer with my Leyland Hippo on the public road loaded with my historic Loyd carrier as long it is not for hire or reward. But of course the brakes have to work as it was originally designed and also the lorry doesn't go any faster than 30 mph ☺️ Richard
  9. Hi Marc I have a 6pldr as well and would be interested in some of your spares how much would you sell the breach cover, cleaning kit, rope, tool's and tool box. Thanks Richard Salter
  10. Hi Every one thank you for you understanding, as you appreciate we had no choice in the end. But god willing we will be back next year at the same time the end of May 2021 so mark it in your diary's and all keep safe and well and we will see you next year 😊🤞 Thanks you Richard Salter SOE Chairman
  11. until

    Hi at the moment it is still going ahead we are monitoring the situation with the corona virus we will make our decision in the beginning of May weather to cancel or move the show to another date unless of course the Government make that decision for us. yes lets hope its over by then but a doubt it 😔
  12. It will be nice to see you there like a lot of these show you do get a lot of Jeeps and Land Rovers it would be nice to see other military vehicles as well but what ever military vehicle you bring you will be welcome☺️
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