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  1. Thanks Clive - again something new for me. I guess these informations are not made available to the world by the SEME people? In other words, nothing one could buy in book form? regards TrueS2
  2. Clive! Top man! thats great! Many thanks for finding this! Another mystery solved. Is there any chance to see what "pécis" notes by SEME are? I just would love to know where this comes from. many great thanks indeed! best regards TrueS2
  3. bit of an update, currently working on the engine. This is the engine from the BGS vehicle, 1965 B suffix vehicle, into dispatch 14.04.1965 and out of dispatch 22.04.1965 The engine has a foundry date of 17.11.1964 - so probably about correct? Its engine number is 25206273F Its a CBS made block. I guess CBS is the foundry? The piston marks are B C B C (front to back) (punched into th ecast block just under the head gasket flange on the left side of the engine) The marks on top of the distributor flange are: "PPT 10" (
  4. Hi all, many thanks for giving ideas and hints! Much appreciated. We are nearing in the possibility of sheathing. I have found some german wiring diagramms with military use and there the circles indeed mean sheathing (not screening). It also makes sense, as the headlamp wires are located behind/above the plate rectifier which can get hot, so some sort of heat protection would make sense. Same goes for the wires to the amp-meters - those are connected through the bulkhead and woul dbenefit from some sort of chafing protection for thick(ish) wires. the headlamps would have bee
  5. Anybody on here knows why the U and Y for example are circled in the below wiring diagramm? (BGS Landrover, based on Rover 8 FFR, so 24 Volts....) complete diagram: The BGS Landrover is technically based on a FFR Rover from 1965 (Rover 8) This is the Rover 8 FFR diagram - you can see where the above one originates from So, any ideas, why the wires in the BGS diagram are cicrled and you can not fnd a single circled one in the Rover 8 diagram? thanks and regards TrueS2
  6. Hi Ivor, the BGS wiring loom would be part number 551163. Any chance of some pics from the looms? Do they have the 6 way ligtning switch connections? regards and many thanks TrueS2
  7. Gents, I am preparing to remanufacture the loom for the BGS Landrover, which is technically based on a Rover 8 but has a different loom. As the one in my base vehicle was altered in many ways, I need to produce a brand new one. I do have a wiring diagramm and a sketch from the parts manual, plus some pictures and a rough idea what goes where. But - as usual there is a but.... What diemeter cables did they use and what type of cables? The early 40amp/24V generator (CAV 724/1) will be installed, complete with the selenium plate rectifier. Is there anybody with a genuine/unmodif
  8. fiddle some more pieces together over the course of a couple of days. regards trueS2
  9. steering wheel refurbed with the help of Charlesworthmouldings front takes parts.... thats it for the moment. regards trues2
  10. painted and first items fitted rear axle completed and fitted front axle and steering parts assembled regards TrueS2
  11. copy for antenna bracket - template from a friend. Thought a proper ally cast would be best copy of tool box(es). With help of bits4landys first try of twin horns - works see here: arrival of chassis regards trueS2
  12. I have no idea why the last two installments have no pictures anymore, but here we go with an update: Richards built a Rover 8 chassis to order repro of horn bracket for "twin tone horns" bulkhead work mostly done now mounting for blue rotating light copied (and made two for friends vehicles) regards trueS2
  13. anybody on here able to provide some dimensions for an Austin Champ wheel, so I could compare. I will be down measuring mine in the afternoon. Are thy of some "value" in the Champ world? regards and many thanks TrueS2
  14. Gentlemen, while unearthing a load of landrover Seires 1 and 2 parts in southern Denmark yesterday, I came accross these steering wheels. My assumption was "something british military" - and as I found the FV number I saved them from being stored and forgotten by the guy there. He did not know aynthing about any of the parts he had from his late father, so everything could be released and came to a good home now. As I am pretty much a Landrover man, I have no idea whatsoever where these steering wheels might have been used, nor am I able to trace this FV number down. So, help in iden
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