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  1. Many thanks for the prompt reply, I will follow up with both firms and let you know the result.
  2. Where can a rear axle be got for a 1970's ex British Army "M" series Bedford
  3. Various parts required for an Acmat VLRA.
  4. Just after seeing where you have a MAN KAT 1  4x4.  Have you been able to get a workshop and parts manual, if not, I suggest you join the MAN KAT club and you will be able to download whatever data you require.

  5. I own a Panhard M3 VTT and have yet to find somebody that produces a model of one.
  6. I am looking for an English language parts or service manual for my 4 x 4 MAN Kat 1. I assume the manuals would be similar to either the 6 x 6 and 8 x 8. Any assistance would be much appreciated.
  7. What did the British Army use this type of trailer for ?.
  8. Has anyone scratch built one of these Panhards ?.
  9. Hello Richard, I am a new member here as well and from Limerick and have a few Military trucks and classics as well. What age is the Crossley and do you have any pics of it. Sean
  10. All were ZD registered, 3162/63/64/65/66/67/68/69/70/71/72/73/74/75/76/77/78/79/80/82/83/84/85/86/87/88/89/90/91/92/95. ZD 3181, ZD 3193 seem to be missing, so would to check and see which one is with the TMSI.
  11. At that Auction on the 1st of December, just 2 Quads were sold, ZD 3194 & ZD 3196 and then at another on the 23rd of April 1969 31 more were sold and all of the ZD 3170 - ZD 3179 in that sale and as I dont have chassis numbers am unable to pin down the exact reg for yours.
  12. I am a new member here and just checked back on old records and can tell you that Willy's Overland, 15.6hp, 1952 model, registration number ZL 1233 was sold at public auction in Clancy Barracks on the 1st of December 1965 by Sheeran's Ltd, 25 Batchelors Walk, Dublin. Sorry I dont have a sale price but can tell you that at a previous sale on the 25/9/63, 9 were sold including 3 Willy's vans with the highest price then for one of the vans being £56.00 down to £15.00 for one of the jeeps.
  13. I am a new member living in Ireland and the owner of a number of ex Irish Army vehicles, one in particular being a Panhard M3.
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