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  1. I think a lot of good points have been made as to why the prices of deacts have gone up. I bet everybody is kicking themselves for not buying something when they saw it, not realising the prices are going up and up. When we put all the guns in Pete's Fiesta ready for a show the car quadruples in price!:wow:
  2. Here is the link for the Videos Pete took, plenty of the DR's working hard.
  3. Finally got Pete's videos uploaded here is the link to the playlist:
  4. As has already been said thanks to all those that helped! Rosie i really appreciate the help with peeling potatoes! Thanks Dave and Jeff for all your hard work and lovely food. Despite the mud, rain and wind i had a great time. Thanks to the Cube's for their hospitality and nice warm mansion to shelter in on Saturday night, hope you are all feeling better now.
  5. We popped down on Sunday and really enjoyed ourselves, glad the rain held off. Was great meeting up with Rambo, Dan and the gang again. Rosie we did wave at you, but you probably didn't recognise us as Pete was in a Hi-Vis jacket and it's been a while since RAF Uxbridge. :cheesy:
  6. Thats great, thanks Rosie.
  7. Me and Pete are interested in popping down sometime over the weekend but i can't find how much the entry fee is for members of the public, does anybody know, please?
  8. Plain Invasion was a blast, i haven't laughed so much in ages! Got to ride around Salisbury Plains with ChrisG in his Champ, serve grub with Dave Ives and run around with a mini me in camo make up with the kids while the grown ups laid in cow pats (Tony!) waiting to ambush us! All in all a great weekend. :-D
  9. Thanks Nigel for organising this trip. It was nice to meet you and the rest of HMVF crew. Good suggestion with the carvery!! :laugh:
  10. Thats a really good idea, then we can spread them through our various forums and help drum up support and interest for forthcoming events. :goodidea: Me & Pete are always looking for ways to be helpful since we don't own an MV :cry:
  11. Hope to catch up with you tomorrow. No doubt we will bump in to you at some stage.
  12. Hello everyone, i'm Kim. I already know some of you from helping out at the Bunker Bash and Coalhouse Fort @ Halloween . Thought I would join up so I can keep up with the latest gossip! Kim
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