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  1. Just an add piglets well some of them did carry blues lights ..I've done 5 tours over the water back on the 1980s and blue lights were carried on the icp wagon for example ..search team vehicles....so not just confined to rmp/RAF police terry
  2. I've a couple of the shore lands from him ,nice kits but a few issues one is the wheels and chassis which are a straight resin copy of the italeri/ revell kit including the wrong amount of wheels nuts . terry
  3. Brilliant model and love the paint job..good work
  4. with the land rover ambulance finished ive started on an apgp
  5. i have to say i was taliking to a sigs unit at aldershot and they let me take what ever pictures i wanted of the bowman kit. the sesative stuff is as you say in side or removed from view
  6. Thats looking very nice... couple of questions if i may.. tracks how do you rate them and colour what did you use. perhaps one of these next
  7. Well Spotted in the words of james may. permission to say COCK........ both intakes now the correct way round..... thank you. Thought about the tamiya crew but they are a tad dated and i wanted a more relaxed figure...enjoying a rest b4 endex thanks for your thoughts an comments guys
  8. thats really kind of you to say guys, still trying to find the right figure for it, always think a figure adds a sence of scale,ive an idea in mind but need to see, at the moment im wethering her after aweek on exercise in the south of england more pics to follow
  9. the model is comming along at the painting stage now...
  10. thats very interesting about the bridge layer
  11. thank you for the land rove rpicture. the base is basically fine sand and filler and white glue. followed by a build up pigments,i use mig pigments and various other bits, the grass is from silfor, designed for model railways i think, ground cover is herbs,twigs and grasses from sainsbury and the garden,leaves from the birch tree dried and placed.
  12. went for a stroll yestersday after a set of night shifts and needed some fresh air and some exercise,on my travels i found ....................
  13. Hello martyn. i think that the veh you refer to in sierra leone is not a wmik, their is a well known pic of an sas lr out there showing a tyre on the bonnet. wolf versions have almost always had them on the side, except for version like the pulse which very occasionally had them on the bonnet. terry
  14. hello no its an accurate armour land rover wolf soft top. extended chassis etc.
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