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  1. Cheers Younggun!! Will defo keep an eye out for you in that beastie! All the best, Nick
  2. As requested, Humber Pig! 1/24th scale Kit Form Services (RecyMech) kit, goes together a dream. Cheers, Nick
  3. Hi Chris, Yep this is the one from MiS. What you got on the bench at the mo? Hope everything is going well with your new releases! Cheers, Nick
  4. Cheers Andy! - I've got a model Pig too if you want to see the photos?
  5. Looks like I've sussed photos then! Here's my last big build, a Churchill AVRE MK111, currently just finishing off a 110 WMIK, then next in the shed is a ROFL Fox CVR(W), possibly followed by a M7 Priest. Will post some more pics of my built models if people want to see them. On my build wish list at the mo are:- RecyMech's new Ferret CVR(T) Sabre/Scimitar in 1/35th, got tracks and kits ready, also fancy a Spartan or Sultan. Cent AVRE Mk11 Chieftain.
  6. Hi guys, Just a quick test post to see if I've got the knack of uploading photos. These are of the interior of my build of Recymech's gorgeous KFS Saracen in 1/24th. Cheers, Nick
  7. Evenin' Everyone from the shed! I'm Nick Shuttleworth and I live in Redditch. I don't have anything full size at the moment, but am a keen modeller and my main interest is British Post War vehicles and WWII Allied Vehicles. I write in my spare time for Military in Scale magazine mainly, but have also written for Model Military, Military Miniatures in Review and Military Modelling Magazine. I instructed at weekends for 3 years at Tank Mania in Measham on FV432, Abbot, 4 tonner, BV206's & LRs, was like being a kid in a sweet shop! Currently adjusting to being a new Dad with my gorgeou
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