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  1. Can you send me a copy of the wiring diagram that you have just now , I am at the stage of wiring and any help would be much appreciated , Regards Bryan
  2. Do new palm couplings come with the handle on the chain ? I have one handle on the chain on my Pioneer but no coupling.
  3. Can anyone give sizes of the spare wheel brackets for the Scammell Pioneer shown below? Length,width and depth and the distance the tyre should be away from the timber boards. Cheers Bryan
  4. Hi Richard, When doing my heads I put one end of the spanner over the bolt, then used a hex socket in the other end and use my torque wrench to torque the bolt through the spanner? There is a conversion for the torque rating relating to the length of the spanner, or centre of head stud to centre of Hex Socket. Can,t remember what it is . Sure it is on this Forum somewhere. Bryan
  5. Hi John, That would be much appreciated. Its the passenger side that I require. Will pm you to arrange the details and payment. Cheers , Bryan.
  6. Hi John, Were the side panels made off of templates or drawings . I only need one. Would the local firm be able to make 1 from there records or would I need to make a template?
  7. Looking Good . Did you make the side panels yourself or was it farmed out? Have only got one for mine.
  8. Thanks for that. Have you had much to do to the cab?
  9. Mezzanine in place with all the original panels storred above. Winch stored under neath in right hand corner.. With having got the Scammell home first job was to tackle the starter motor. This was removed to find a worn cog and worn contacts. A new set of contacts, and main shaft were purchased.Then it was discovered that the bush in the started was not all that good so a new one was machined up from brass and inserted into the motor housing. After sourcing a new shaft I was then informed that my starter must have come off a marine engine as the main shaft was brass and not steel.
  10. Can anyone give me the size and position of the rear windows on the back panel of the cab please?
  11. Thought it was time to put up some pictures of the Scammell Pioneer that I am restoring.Members on here might have followed the first part of the restoration by Madrat . I purchased the Scammell in Mid July 2010.Here it is arriving on the low loader. It was driven off the low loader but with a dodgy starter and no brakes these would be the first jobs to tackle. But in the mean time it was parked up in the shed. There was all the old panels from the cab and various other bits and pieces to find a storage place for, so the next few weekends were spent building a mezanine floor at the back of the shed to store all these. Underneath , a bench and vise were installed for all the hours to be spent degreasing ,needle gunning and wire brushing various components .Oh the joys of owning a piece of Heavy British Engineering!!
  12. Very usefull pictures Chris.Is there any chance you can stick a tape measure on the traficator.Even the size of the appeture where the traficator is housed.The height, width and depth would give enough information to manufacture the rest. Cheers Bryan
  13. Great pictures Richard.Is it possible when you are next in your shed to take some pictures and sizes of the actual traficator. Or if anybody has any sizes? Cheers Bryan
  14. Pictures would be great . Also maybe some sizes as I don,t have one to template. Bryan
  15. Scammell Pioneer Semiphore Arm Question:- Does anybody know how the semiphore arm is rasied and lowered? Is it with a cable or solenoid? Any pictures and information would be much appreciated. Cheers Bryan
  16. Another one up for sale on EBAY - Item No 171010054384. Can,t seem to up load the direct link.Keeps coming up file error. Cheers Bryan
  17. Duncan, I have a copy in the house.Will look it out tonight and can photocopy the relivant pages.Is that you been spending again? Cheers Bryan
  18. My Scammell has " Scammell " cast in to the radiator and she was built in 1945.
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