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  1. That's not a bad idea and I was thinkng of laying it all out to photograph eventually. It will take some time of course. The metal detector should turn up some interesting trinkets next visit. Apart from the mangled chassis frame, the torque tube and the massive torque tube cross member I think I can dismantle most everything else and manhandle it back to civilization over time. I'm knd of hoping the engine cylinders mght turn up buried at some point too.... cheers phill
  2. The hand brake pawl handle was brass and has been looted a long time ago. I will be recovering the hand brake mechanism and cross shaft very soon cheers phill
  3. On the dash panel (soon to be recovered) was this screwed on brass plate with On and Off markings etched into it. I’m guessing this was for the magneto switch ?
  4. Hello Andy Well that is quite a coincidence ! I'm secretly hoping to find the plate with a metal detector - you never know. meanwhile I have been spending hours pouring over your fascinating restoration blog. It is proving to be very helpful identifying parts, even though this truck appears to be a different model to yours. kind regards phill
  5. And finally, for today, I checked the torque tube for a brass data plate but it was missing. On my next expedition I plan to take my metal detector and a small rake. Cheers Phill
  6. There are two neat machined channels one either side of the engine bay...
  7. Sadly there is not a single part of the chassis frame that hasn’t been bent, cracked, twisted or even rusted through !
  8. I guess there can be not doubt regarding the make of this vehicle. Despite smashing the radiator and surround out, previous looters were kind enough to leave the maker’s plate in the dirt for me to find...
  9. I recovered most of the loose smaller parts today including casting fragments, one of two fuel tank saddles, steering column support bracket, steering drag link and brake rod assembly. Just as I was packing up I spotted a brass grease/oil cup fitting in the dirt !
  10. It's not far from the RAAF Airbase at Richmond NSW, but in the short term I'm going to see how far I get backpacking a Tirfor hand winch in cheers Phill
  11. Last lot of pics for now. Will be trekking there again soon for more pics and carry more parts up the cliffs...
  12. More pics, I have begun saving smaller parts. if there was any real way to recover the chassis frame and heavy parts I would certainly save them
  13. I recently discovered several fascinating wrecks at the base of a cliff including the truck in the following pics which appears to be a Karrier. I would appreciate any assistance regarding a firm ID and where to find chassis numbers, model and dating etc. Most of the cast parts have KARR embossed in them. I have begun carrying small parts back up the clff via backpack - a very difficult task indeed ! As for the chassis and torque tube - I have no idea how to recover them on foot and they will probably remain down there unfortunately... Cheers Phill
  14. Just to let you know that the AEC Dorchester, formerly owned by the late Bob Dimer was purchased by me in late 2006. Restoration was commenced in 2007 but I decided to sell the vehicle in running order in 2008 due to lack of parts and finance to complete it. The vehicle was purchased by a volunteer at the Merredin (Western Australia) Museum and has been put together, albeit not completely accurately, and has been on display since. From the outside the vehicle appears very complete and authentic but I believe the interior fitout has hastily been filled in with timber offcuts etc. Cheers
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