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  1. Hi can you rung me please. I can send it
  2. Send me your address please. Paul Burbidge
  3. Hi I can't do Tues I'm working. Free weds. What's your postcode. Cheers
  4. Hi it's been stored in a barn and is in mint condition. Never been fitted as far as i can tell. But it is an old tyre. £100 And it's yours. Thanks
  5. Hi yes it's still for sale. I'm in Retford and Newark on Trent in Nottinghamshire. I can put it onto your courier. Thanks
  6. Hi no ive only got the log book, thanks
  7. Hi yes its still for sale. Im in Retford Nottinghamshire. Thanks
  8. Yeh I assumed that as well. The ignition must have been near enough timing with all the play in the gears
  9. Hi thanks for that. It's old then. Got it as an orniment on the shelf. My mate gave himself a shock with it the other day. Cheers
  10. Hi Yeh I've still got it. Depending on what time of day you want to fetch it. Evenings best to collect from Newark NG24 1FW. Daytime Retford DN22 7XF. My number is 07470276548. Thanks
  11. Sorry about the delay. Here's some more pictures. Thanks
  12. Retford nottinghamshire thanks
  13. Hi Retford Nottinghamshire thanks
  14. Hi for sale my Armstrong. Repainted by a professional. Needs a bit of choke to keep running so probably intake air leak. what else can i say. V5. £1750
  15. New old stock tyres. 2 available £120 each
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