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  1. Hello Doc and thanks for the research info. whilst I greatly appreciate a difinative identification, I must admit to a fair degree of dissapointment ! I will continue to recover the rest of the loose parts to save them but the urgency and excitement has waned a bit. still a very interesting find and a great way to get myself back into shape cheers Phill
  2. Here’s a few pics of most of the small parts recovered so far including fragments of transmission casing which are like a giant 3D jigsaw puzzle. I’ve managed to save all the bolts and washers I’ve undone as well. Very good quality material. I do have a sinking feeling this might turn out to be a later than WW1 model based on the high chassis number and some traces of electric lighting I just picked up. With that in mind I’m going to take a week or two off the ardous recovery operation while I wait to find out if it’s really worth all the effort. Cheers for now Phill
  3. Yes, pinpoint metal detector found the brass torque tube tag, next visit will be to grid search with the full size metal detector. I'm close to Sydney Cheers Phill
  4. Unfortunately the only parts available are those I manage to uncover each trip. I'd love to find the engine cylinders, front & rear axles, steering box and wheels but unless/until that happens I'm just collecting interesting bits for the sake of it. More discoveries are sure to be found in coming weeks Cheers Phill
  5. Last few pics for today, spring plate (I found 2), rhf chassis horn with chassis number 5053 and part of a smashed battery... cheers Phill
  6. Hi Doc, thanks for the offer of info. looking at the serial number of this compared with yours, as well as the rounded profile of the radiator top tank, I fear it may be a post war model but we'll wait and see. Cheers Phill
  7. No, I wish I knew more about it. I'm hopeful it is a WW1 model. There was military green traces on the grease cap I picked up a few days ago so that could be an indication. Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can make sense of it all. Cheers Phill
  8. Yes, there have been numerous fires pass through over the years. Hasn't helped preserve what's left but I'm not complaining. on my next expedition I will take the full size metal detector and really scour the area, mind you, it's all scattered down a treacherous 45-50 degree talus slope over an area of about 50m x 100m so it's no small undertaking. Cheers Phill
  9. It’s actually the brass data plate off the torque tube ! I took my pinpointer metal detector and located it under the torque tube, just where I would have expected it to be 😊 A great find !
  10. No it’s not this ‘Green Grocer’ Cicada I spotted nearby,...
  11. And finally, THE find of the day... It’s in the attached pic, no wonder I missed it last time... Can you make it out...?
  12. Then I found a lot more of the transmission case including a corner of the top cover with the other part of the Karrier name cast into it. I then loaded up my backpack with lots of small parts as well as the other fuel tank saddle bracket, floorboard to dash bracket with accelerator pedal assembly attached, the brake pedal assembly and both side lamp mounting brackets. I ran out of daylight to get that all photographed but will catch up all in good time.
  13. Another day of discoveries and recoveries ! First up, I found part of the radiator header tank with Karrier cast into it...
  14. That's not a bad idea and I was thinkng of laying it all out to photograph eventually. It will take some time of course. The metal detector should turn up some interesting trinkets next visit. Apart from the mangled chassis frame, the torque tube and the massive torque tube cross member I think I can dismantle most everything else and manhandle it back to civilization over time. I'm knd of hoping the engine cylinders mght turn up buried at some point too.... cheers phill
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