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  1. Thank you to everyone who has made this event very enjoyable for all of our visitors. We have had great fun in putting on the displays and running the trains that we want to do all over again next year. [ATTACH=CONFIG]114606[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]114607[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]114608[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]114609[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]114610[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]114611[/ATTACH]
  2. Thank you to everyone who has made this event very enjoyable for all of our visitors. We have had great fun in putting on the displays and running the trains that we want to do all over again next year.
  3. The Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway (GWSR) is steam heritage line which runs from Cheltenham to Winchcombe in the Cotswold's. We have just had our Wartime in the Cotswold's weekend and have enjoyed the pleasure of very favorable feedback from our visitors. For this, the fourth year of the event, we have teamed up with the community in Winchcombe town and have showcased the best that the military reenactors can offer with a military and vintage car convoy with King George VI and Monty attending a ceremony in the town. The WITC event will be held again in April 2017 and we
  4. http://www.gwsr.com/planning-your-visit/2016-events-calendar/wartime-in-the-cotswolds.aspx Step back in time, pack up your troubles in your old kit bag, and smile, smile, smile. Travel this beautiful heritage line between Cheltenham Race Course Station and Toddington, stopping at Gotherington and Winchcombe on a steam hauled train. A light hearted look at life on the Home Front during the 1940s. Vintage vehicles, re-enactors and entertainment. A special intensive timetable enabling you to travel by steam train from station to station - click here to download. Volunteers with peri
  5. It would be of interest if you could post further details of this book by Karl Martin, thanks. David
  6. The Railway Van which carried the body of Cavell http://www.kesr.org.uk/help-the-railway/cavell-van-restoration.html The Cavell Van Preserving a unique part of railway history You can donate to the Appeal online here We need to raise £35,000 to restore the van in time for the National Service of Remembrance on 11 November 2010 The BBC South-East News featured the Appeal Launch on Thursday 3rd December - watch it here See the new gallery of images taken by Lewis J Brockway on the Appeal Launch day, 03.12.09 You can download the Cavell Van Appeal Leafle
  7. Steve, Thanks for responding and I understand your sentiments. This sort of entranchment is one of the battles which I fight daily in my professional life. Nevertheless, there are always opportunities to make life better for everyone, including the musuem and the visiting public. I was just trying to frame an approach where we all can benefit from contributing to the common good. In my hobby of model railways I know that a authentic steam loco or wagon is a temporary vision which is only available when some kind soul has restored it to be used in public. These vehicles then have a l
  8. There is a Valentine DD which turns up at the Great Central Railway on occasion. David
  9. Welcome, I am into anything railway related and hope that you enjoy the forum, David.
  10. Taking into account the width of the wagon of 9 feet, sixty 60ft wagons can accommodate one layer of pipe to give a total of 7,740 feet, and with 49 layers the entire pipeline can be carried in one length. The diameter of the pipe is 4.5 inches and, in the scale diagram below, the 49 layers of pipe could be arranged in 3 stacks on a wagon of 9 foot width. The height of the stacks would be seven feet, although the steel pipe could not be laid in the 9 foot radius of the curvature for the first and last wagon. To lay the HAMEL steel pipelines in one overnight operation across the Channel th
  11. Many regarded PLUTO as yet another wild fantasy of Combined Operations H.Q. but concerns were alleviated to some extent by the concurrent use of 'Tombola,' a conventional tanker-ship to shore storage system. This was set up on the Normandy ports at Port-en-Bessin and at Ste. Honorine, two miles further to the west, and was fully operational by June 14 1944. Operational Use. The land based installations in the UK were in place in readiness for the invasion and Operation PLUTO formally started on 12 August 1944, more than two months after D-Day. As the Allies advanced, the pi
  12. Pluto: a Virtual Modeling Project; Introduction The subject of my modeling activities has recently centred on the 1944 Allied invasion of Continental Europe in operation Overlord, and during the research into the preparations for D-Day there was a one line sentence in a publication which caught my attention. This referred to the transportation of the PLUTO pipeline by the railway through Southampton docks. The interesting part was the statement that the pipeline, all 72 miles of it, was carried in one whole on a train of several wagons, and is written in ‘Facts about British Rail
  13. SNAFU = Situation Normal All F**ked Up, one of those army slogans,
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