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  1. I think its a Cast Iron thing to be honest. All steel casting have to be heat treated to prevent them being brittle (Widmanstatten alpha). The great thing about CI is once its out of the sand its ready to be machined and away you go, however because there are no heat treatments required any residual stress (locked up dislocations in the lattice) caused during solidification in the sand mould can cause it to move a little over time as it stress relieves at room temperature. If you gave it a stress relieving heat treatment then all the dislocations would move that much more quickly and there would be no need to weather anything.
  2. Sure do Maurice, thanks for looking into it for me.
  3. Working on the rear of the Loyd now.
  4. Don’t take it apparent Pete as the rotation stop is on the front of yours, I need to see an earlier one with the stops built into the back. Nice tap though. I can think of a good use for it😉
  5. All, Does anyone know what goes in the back of the old 1940s Enots fuel tap? I think is needs a spring, nut and lock tab along with something to act as a rotation stop using the internal pin as a stop.
  6. ....and relax......But the other WW1 threads are good too Andy, I shouldn't take away from those.
  7. I check your thread everyday, its the only thing I open HMVF for nowadays, sadly you are nearing completion which unless you guys have another project in the wings will be the end of an era :-(
  8. It took me ages to find that grip strip for the Loyd drivers footrests. In the end I found it as my local fab shop who had made some mezzanine stairs, for which its used as grip strip at the edge, hence 'nosing'. They found three one metre lengths in there off-cuts bin for me.
  9. Working front to back, the drivers area is now complete, front brake drums will go on next, then on to the rear axle.
  10. Great as always. I am impressed by the brass spinning on the Myford.
  11. I'll have a look tonight, I guess I could also grind a HSS tool with the radius and try that.
  12. Has anyone got a source for an old Imperial ball joint (photo below), it is only the bottom of the Loyd remote gear lever so not under any high loads. The thread is 3/8" BSF and the ball is 5/8" diameter. I could make most of it on the lathe but as I don't have a sphere making attachment I wouldn't be able to do the whole job. In the 1930s / 40s I presume it would have been a common off the shelf item. Sadly the parts book has the gear lever as a whole item and doesn't break it down to the lever and end, thus I don't have an original period part number. Thanks,
  13. I sorted the nuts too, they are indeed 1/2” UNF. This is a Loyd....thus there is neither! You can understand why they were all struck off as soon as the war finished.
  14. I found one in the scrap! Took some removal from the rusted unit it was nesting in, but it will go again.
  15. Spoke to them this morning and sadly they couldn't help.
  16. I’ll try them when they open tomorrow, thanks for the direction.
  17. I made a replacement throttle linkage over christmas and cut all the new brake rods to length, the throttle is 5mm dia and the clutch & brake rods are 3/8". The throttle is an odd arrangement with a central guide for the cranked linkage to prevent it bending.
  18. Can anyone ID this standard Ford part from the 30s / 40s. I need a spare for the Loyd. I believe it was part of the handbrake assembly on 7Vs and from that I presume WOTs that came about later. If anyone has a spare and a couple of the castellated nuts that go with them that would be great. On the Loyd it is used for the steering Tillers.
  19. I am searching for an Avon to section for a training course i am hosting next year. Condition isn't too important, so long as it hasn't had a compressor blade failure. Ideally it would be an Industrial 1533, 1534 or a 1535, but an Aero would also serve as a stand in.
  20. I should take this opertunity to thank Peter for all his valuable time spent helping the Loyd project along. Family and work schedule means I have made little progress this last twelve months. The original target was to have it running on its tracks by new year, but the revised target is to have the brakes and drive sprockets all done by the new year. Bogies by middle of of 2018.
  21. Norway is a great source of rear British vehicles and spares!
  22. Andrew, Make sure you leave your boots at the door, slippers only while you are inside now, you wouldn't want to dirty the interior as it looks spot on.
  23. Looks like its not too far off now Andrew; tremendous job all around.
  24. The American Air Museum at Duxford it amazing, its just a beautiful use of concrete, with the sweeping observation ramps. Its like saying that you don't care what your car looks like on the outside because you are always in it when you are driving. I remember discussing with an American colleague in Boston about the shoddy feel of the switchgear in a chevy hire car we had and he just didn't get it, its just a switch he said, who cares if it feels and sounds luxurious when you rock it. Detail is important, its about micro and macro. Tell me that the National History Museum isn't complemented by its building. Its all important, not just one aspect or another. Lets be honest, the TM was a shoddy set of drafty buildings with Gauntlet restaurant when I first visited in the early 1990s, when I went back in 2011 it was so much better. It actually felt like someone cared about the exhibits and most importantly cared about the people who were visiting and paying for it all. I could park up a Sherman V in a hanger with a small card information sheet propped up in front of it - Tank Displayed. Alternately that same tank could be in a warm modern building which is pleasing to they eye with a movie of it in use playing, an engine sectioned next to it, veterans combat accounts, examples of ammunition etc...
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