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  1. And what do you need now ???
  2. That's very good :tup: here a some Parts to find http://www.milweb.net/go/rexward/ Rex Ward White Cottage Nunhide Farm Road Sulham Pangborne Berks RG8 8EF Tel 01189 306300 Mobile 07768 684095
  3. Oh Oh what a DUKW you must Spend a lot of Money and Time in it I know what i write here is our DUKW http://jeep.cfasp.de/upload/323094.jpg[/img]
  4. so I have now an other Adress http://f12.parsimony.net/forum18777/ for Iltis by the Unimog it is a little bit complicated
  5. Hello Friends i have tell the same Question at this Forum .http://www.landroverforum.de/board/index.php the Man there can Help you they have Iltis and Unimogs , MAN
  6. Hello Rick Yes i have but I dont finde the one Iam Search.
  7. Hello guys cann here any one Help me I need Old Black and withe Pictures about a Dodge Wc 51
  8. I wish from Germany all the very best of seasonal greetings :-D
  9. is it so correct 1 ^ 167E - A - 10 1th Armd Div 167th Engineer Batalion A Co. 10 Vehicle ????????
  10. Thanks Degsy for Help so I will mande my Vehicle now from the US 167th Engineer Combat Battalion what must i now made on the drivers side ( Left ) Bumper and on the ( right ) side
  11. Also I will my Dodge WC make as a Dodge from the 30th US Inf Div Date Rheinland Büdderich Germany I need the Number there come at the Engine Cover and at the Bumpers
  12. Hello I nee Information about the Vehicle Signs 30th US Inf Div Who can help me Please.
  13. Hello I need Dodge WC 51 Parts who can Help me ????? I need 2 Seats Modell 41/ 42 http://jeep.cfasp.de/upload/270636.jpg[/img] and the Serial Number Plate for Dodge WC 51
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