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  1. Sounds about right! There were two different shapes of sumps/bellhousings on the 4d, hard to explain without a picture!
  2. The adaptor Is a proper Fordson part, although not from the wot, maybe from the 50’s as I think that was when the 4D engine was introduced. The 4D has a different shaped bellhousing to the v8 enfo was stamped on lots of Fordson parts, sort of the English Fordson equivalent of the scripted f found on jeeps etc I suppose. Fordson Major tractors for example have got enfo stamped on all sorts of different parts
  3. In reply to the query about the spare wheel, believe it goes under the rear of the body on a machinery bodied truck, will double check on my one tomorrow, I’m sure I can remember seeing a carrier under there!!
  4. Bit of a long shot but I am looking for a Eaton 1350 Twin speed axle if anyone has one or knows of one. Thanks Tom
  5. The WOT6 in the link above is my one 👍🏿 I thought about fitting a 4D to my one and even managed to get hold of a proper Ford adaptor plate to put the 4D onto the WOT gearbox, but after a bit of number crunching I came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t rev high enough comfortably to get a decent road speed. From memory I worked out that to do 40mph it would have to be doing roughly 2800rpm, don’t quote me I fitted it 6 years ago now! Went with a 200tdi from a discovery in the end! I do have a machinery bodied one with a V8 in it still as well but haven’t got round to restoring i
  6. On the other hand the maximum speed limit for a tractor on the road is 25mph!! I know I must of had a fair queue of traffic a couple of years ago when they were duelling the a11 and I moved a combine through it and all lay-bys were shut!! whoops may have just admitted to being one of these people that plod about holding everyone up!!
  7. We've got one sitting up the farm, think its a Little bigger though as our one is to go behind a vigor, looks very similar though!! Are you painting it blue or green?
  8. Thames trader cab I think, but could be wrong!
  9. Yes the riggers shall be going to Normandy with the truck!! nearly there, painted the cab over the weekend and refitted all of the bonnet panels and the fuel tank/spare wheel carrier. Got the rear body, the seats and a few odd bits left to fit.
  10. Was tidying up some wires behind the dash, it had turned into bit if a birds nest and don't want to rip all wires out with my feet If ever have to hit the brakes in a hurry!!! Wasn't the best position in the world. Also made another bonnet panel up to cover the injection pump
  11. Right then the fordson is starting to take shape. The engine is all up and running and I have been for a trundle around the airfield. The electric fan works well and is very quiet. I have made a basic wiring loom up and all the lights etc are working by some kind of miracle! The top half of the cab went on this weekend as well as the doors and wheel arches. Next job is the cambelt. And a mate found it most amusing the position I ended up in wiring up the dash!
  12. Good to hear that you have had a response from them, hope they accept you!! I am going on the MVT tour, was a little bit unsure what to put for the reason I was going to Normandy on the form, hopefully I get some kind of response from them soon.
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