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  1. Thanks for the great pictures. You did a super job. I like the diamond T980 .
  2. looks great, you did wonders for your jeep. Also thanks for you service, I did 27 years. Wendell Watson USA 3 three halftracks,ww2 5 ton tractor and M4a1 hst
  3. Rod Shaver, are you the USA halftrack parts man. If so hello. Send me a pm, Me and nephew is still halftracking, in Tn. You got any parts for m4 hst, I sold my m2 hst to a man in Tx. He builds the smaller spitfire airplane.
  4. The USA halftrack is a great vehicle, They are simple to work on, and fun for veterans day parades and events. Also how do I put the heart on the bottom of a post.
  5. Well, I will post a few pictures, but this was back in my army days. I have not worked on the m4 much this summer, the heat index has been up to 116, hot hot. I will drink a few beers, so cheers
  6. Thanks for the great pictures at the museum, I was in the Netherlands in 1983 with the us army doing a reforger, with the 1st cav, We were at budle, and other towns, ever town we went through hundreds of people lined the streets. Also was at vinlo, but without our tanks. They were wonderful people in the Netherlands. I still have some gilders
  7. It looks like a M6 high speed tractor, If so they are good at mod. jobs. I read that a museum in the netherlands has a M6 high speed tractor and a M4A1 hst. They are very few left.
  8. Thanks for the great pictures, post all the pictures you can. I think most of the HST went to Germany after the war.The numbers that I put on my HST front bumper is a post war. That unit was in Germany to fight will the Russians if need be .Thank God it never happen, Also some went to Korea. Well the yellow HST is a M4A1 HST, it had the wide tracks with duck bill on each side of track, bumper were wider and the fenders, That a sportey hot rod HTS
  9. Just kidding about the gals, Me and the wife be married since 1964. I will have a beer or 2, but like the rock and roll and fast cars. I was wild back in the old days.
  10. Hi Ross, I seen this on tv about the pubs closing. Dam what else is going on in England.My family the Watson,s left England years ago. Why did they leave, so we could help with inventing the telly phone, Bell first words on the phone, was ( Watson come here) I sure would like to visit England, but it will never happing. I like rock and roll,. beer , good looking gals and fast cars.
  11. Thanks supertrack, well I got a little done on the M4A1 high speed tractor,
  12. Well, you done got stuck in the mud, No wheel vehicles for you. You need a track vehicle. Just a kidding, Looks like fun to me.
  13. I have posted these pictures before, but hope all will get to see them, I bought this jag in 1975 for 300 dollars without engine and tran. They were 179 shipped to the USA in 1957 and we have one. I thank the UK for a great car.
  14. Well. like to hear about the fast car days. I like fast cars and fast gals and beer. Then, them old ww2 military vehicles. We got a 1957 xk140 jag with a 10 cylinder dodge viper engine and other cars.
  15. Welcome, Yes they are a great looking machine. I did live in garland and was in CH47 hook unit at grand prairie. Thank for your service and the pictures. W Watson retired Army and guard, Hueys and blackhawks
  16. The link is ( ww11 forums ) huskychallanger, lives in Normandy The man with the tank lives in Canada ( forum name, George Patton ) Let me if you find the ww11 forums
  17. Supertrack, Have you ever been on the ww11 forums. There is a guy who lives there in Normandy, He has post some nice pictures , Also a guy in Canada with a nice tank. If you find the time, take a look.
  18. I will look around for one for you.. I got a ww2 5 ton Ihc tractor with a 450 red diamond, its got the updraft carb. What does your 450 go in.
  19. I sure enjoy looking at your pictures . They getting better all the time. The engines looks great . Thanks w Watson
  20. Well I be, I did live in Gary Indiana, Worked in the steel mills for a while, also did a lot of fighting in the bars and owned 3 new Plymouth roadrunners. The good old days but them days are over. I am vj on g503 and 68t on steelsoldier forum.
  21. I hope to start on the m4A1 high speed tractor soon as the weather warns up. I been collection nos part for a while now. I think there might been enough good parts to build one tractor
  22. I seen a cat. NOS muffler on g503 , it looks like the one on your gen. What state do you live .
  23. Welcome, to the forum. Nice looking gen-set. Have you been on g503 usa, They have a gen. section. I got a ww2 smaller power unit, pu-32/c, but have no time for a resto. Do you have any ww2 vehicle parts or items. Good luck W. Watson
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