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  1. Hi Andy thanks a lot for the very fast reply. I saw the manuals and those are for sure a great help. Do you know an adress for spare parts? I don't suppose I can get them from REME?
  2. Hi Andy, First of all happy Xmas. I managed to by a FV434 from a Belgian guy. The vehicle arrived to me in Hungary. Yesterday I went to the gasstation to fill up the tank. No problems during the 6 km ride. Only the temperature gauge gave a temperature of 240 F. The water however was warm but not really hot. When coming back home we did some work with the crane and everything went well. Then we turned it off to get a cup of tea. Later I would like to move it back to its parking lot. It started and turned of directly. The fuse in control box 6 marked K had come out. I put it bac
  3. Good afternoon, Just became a new member of this forum. Thank you for allowing me to become one. Let's say something about me. I am a Dutchman, 62 years and retired for about 10 years. Me and my wife are living in Hungary for the last 8 almost 9 years. We have plenty of room around us so driving a tank would not be such a problem. Also a lot of sand roads and a former military area close by were 20 years ago the Hungarian ary practiced off road riding. I saw a lot of old sovjet tanks which are for sale around us. I drove a 30 ton VT 55 called the Bull. A nice tank but very big and little
  4. Hi Dave, a little late but just bought myself an FV434 in Belgium. Do you have some parts for that tank?
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