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  1. The vehicle was overhauled by Baz a few years ago and the engine and bottom of the engine bay are clean as a whistle. I wish there was a way to easily access that sump without having to take the back armour off. I hear that is One of the main things to look out for.
  2. Hey Guys, MItch here, I go by Taco and I just bought a Fox that was owned by Gary Pave. We got her down to FW and she is driving now.. I have owned five different Ferrets over the years and have one in my garage that was in the TV show "Dallas Car Sharks" but Reality TV is of course not reality. Retired Marine LtCol and current airline pilot flying around the US domestically. I live in Fort Worth and we have a small group with three Mk 2/3 and one Mk 1 Ferrets. I now have a Fox and another owner not far away has a Fox. We should be able to field four Ferrets and two Foxes this summe
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