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  1. Been a long day and yes brain dead again
  2. I took the Land Rover for a run and traced a rattle to a missing Allen Screw, can any one advise of the size of these so i can try and source one? Pictures attached to show where its missing Richard
  3. Thanks I am about to renew all seals if required and before fuel us some soapy water and put a test on, will be interesting to see what the pressure reads after the priming pump is used I think its 6 strokes
  4. Thanks This pressure gauge arrived and i was wondering what pressure to use to check, usually 25% above working pressure is a guide
  5. Does any one know if there is guidance on a working pressure of the No 2, 3 and 12 stove have a pressure gauge for the number 12.
  6. I am not sure if this is the right place to ask the question; If the vehicle is Tax Exempt but for safety it gets an annual MoT does it need to be taxed
  7. Good collection there, shame Loch Awe not in the collection, let me think and will get back in touch
  8. The Scottish ones might be of interest to me depending on price
  9. Out of pure curiosity what happens if the item is disposed of then the owner who loaned it turns up wanting it back?
  10. Not thought of that, unfortunately I don't speak German but will see if I can get the correct names for those 2 items and us a translator.
  11. I am just updating still looking for a stand and cooking pot, have posted on Classic Stoves as well but no luck, even a stand will be gratefully received so I can try and source the pot separately. Thanks in anticipation Richard
  12. I Have a brass shell case which I am trying to preserve the stencil text would the same principles apply?
  13. I have just bought the last stove I need to make a complete set. I have noticed that the handles on this one appear to be painted in DBG, but the others I have are not painted. The paint has not been painted on the pan its self so I am wondering if painting the handles was normal or unusual. Any help would be appreciated
  14. At the moment i am grateful for any connectors to be honest, I have a photograph of the complete pipe so can start working on it. Just need the LPG and the valve for the tank but that can wait. PM me with how much?
  15. Many thanks, the connectors are the bugging issue as pipe can be easy to source
  16. Does anyone have a source for the pipe and connectors from the stove to the LPG tank. Or has anyone a guide for an alternative setup Thanks in advance
  17. Many thanks I keep forgetting about that company
  18. I am surprised no one else put this up. Being honest as stated on many forums I am a mechanical idiot and any information is a great help I have learned to solder today. Yes most of you will say so what but for a Building Surveyor who has never looked at restoring or working with vehicles its on my YIPPEEE list, the simple things make me happy such as, yes changing oil and filters, but we need to learn from some point. Richard p.s. wish pubs were open LoL
  19. I have the parts manual but would appreciate the operation and maintenance manual for this Richard
  20. Trying to service the stove does any one have any manuals regarding the operation maintenance parts etc of this stove?
  21. Looking at various threads on this site I am wondering when the paint changed for DBG to matt. I have a No2 Modified stove which is matt Following a discussion the No 3 would appear to be originally DBG but now matt Not sure re No 5 and No 12, both are matt in my collection Ideally I want to get them back to when originally issued Thanks in advance Richard
  22. Its the usual I hunt cant find them and then some one else can LoL Thanks will have another hunt
  23. Has anyone had dealings with this company, I am looking to buy from them https://www.green-store.ch/
  24. I am trying to get the rest of my Clansman manuals; I am looking for the following; 61590 Part 4 61590 Part 7 Supplements 6, 15, 17 61590 Part 8 Supplement 5, 7, 9, 28 61590 Part 10 Supplements 4, 8, 10, 22, 24, 25 Can any one help, I would be grateful if they are electronic versions Thanks in advance Richard
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