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  1. Hi Sean. Thanks for the explanation. That all makes sense. We are trying to get some more information from the owner (a 90 year old man). We really hoped it was genuine, but what you've said would explain a lot. Thanks again Rob
  2. Hi Peter Wollaston Mill, on the river nene near Great Doddington. Thanks Rob
  3. Hi all On a walk near our home in Northamptonshire me and my dad stumbled across a WW2 Bedford truck in desert paint and with German Afrika Corps livery. Our interest comes from my grandad (Fred Digby) being a Desert Rat in the 8th Army as a tank commander at El Alamein amongst others where he won the Military Medal. To our untrained eyes it looks like a British truck that was captured/reused and repainted in German livery. It is right hand drive and we think there is the Desert Rat emblem on the mudguard that has been over painted. I'm hoping someone on here can help us with the history
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