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    Restoring Crossley coaches and lorries. i own two coaches a 1929 Crossley bus and a wartime 4x4 Q Tr
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  1. Hello commander..I just noticed your advert about the Crossley radio van. I wonder do you still have this lorry, I would be interested in coming to see this lorry if you still have it. I have just acquired a Crossley 4x4 load carrier for restoration, it has no body and no cab. I am in mid Cheshire so could easily visit you if this is possible..               Regards Dave

  2. Dear modello, I have tried to reply to your private message to me but every time it just disappears into thin air so to speak. So I will reply right here at the moment but in brief. Yes my friend still has the three Crossley IGL8 lorries and I will try and get some photographs for you. The parts lists do not have photographs as you say, but the official handbooks do have photographs which accompany the txt instructions on maintenance From memory I think my friend has a handbook for the IGL8 model so I will ask him. By the way there is also a Crossley IGL8 still listed on the inventory ofna mu
  3. Hello Richard I am a new forum member, I only joined last weekend. I wondered if you had heard from PB Harcourt recently and if you knew how he was getting on with the 2 Crossley 4x4s he had acquired from some place near to Portsmouth where there appear to be some caravans parked from the photos he posted a couple of years back. I should know where the yard is because a friend of mine went a few years ago to pick up some bus spares and took photographs of the Crossley 4x4 with the Perkins engine which had been used as a timber tractor (and these are photos which I have only just seen )
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