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    Restoring Crossley coaches and lorries. i own two coaches a 1929 Crossley bus and a wartime 4x4 Q Tr
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  1. .. I have just read the whole of this thread, very very interesting! I am pretty sure the RAF lorry next to the Douglas DB.7 is a Crossley IG.L3 breakdown recovery normal control 6x4. Production for the RAF of the IGL3 model is estimated at about one thousand six hundred and continued in production throughout the nineteen thirties.
  2. Hello commander..I just noticed your advert about the Crossley radio van. I wonder do you still have this lorry, I would be interested in coming to see this lorry if you still have it. I have just acquired a Crossley 4x4 load carrier for restoration, it has no body and no cab. I am in mid Cheshire so could easily visit you if this is possible..               Regards Dave

  3. Dear modello, I have tried to reply to your private message to me but every time it just disappears into thin air so to speak. So I will reply right here at the moment but in brief. Yes my friend still has the three Crossley IGL8 lorries and I will try and get some photographs for you. The parts lists do not have photographs as you say, but the official handbooks do have photographs which accompany the txt instructions on maintenance From memory I think my friend has a handbook for the IGL8 model so I will ask him. By the way there is also a Crossley IGL8 still listed on the inventory ofna museum in Vienna in Austria owned by a chap called Gill. This is an IGL8 with an 3 ton Coles crane. I will end this message for now hope you get to see it. ... Dave ....
  4. To Paul Bish haha no unfortunately no trailer for it , but at the time (1984) I did go to see one at a place called Tow Law which was if i recall correctly up in County Durham it was stood next to Missen type huts which were half buried in the ground as to camouflage them and this was where the Crossleys had been stored whilst out of use for ten years between 1974 and 1984. To Degsy thanks for the tip Degsy ..... Dave ....
  5. I have just sent the first part of this thread as sometimes if I make a longer entry it just disappears into the ether so to speak and does not redister on the thread at all. The contractor then stored it for ten tears and I bought it in 1984. It is under cover but seroius restoration has not started yet due to restoring a Crossley coach and now a second Crossley coach. There is a very original tractor unit in the Shopland collection in the Westcountry, this used to belong to John Rowell who lives at Thorney near Peterborough and the Shplands acquiredit abot nine or so years ago from him. There is also one awaiting restoration at the Milestones Museum at Basigstoke and I believe they also have a Queen Mary trailer for it too. Well I will finish here for now ... thanks for the interest .... Dave
  6. Hello Pino, Yes the Crossley tractor unit is a wartime one, the toughened wside window glasses are stamped May 1945 and so are the tyres so that makes it one of the last ones through the production line. The chassis number is 73044. It stayed with the RAF until 1956 and was then bought by a contractor who worked on trenchless cable laying. For this work it was fitted with a winch and a land amchor and was fitted with a pto drive from a Crossley fire crash tender to operate the equipment required to make it practical in this role. The trailer coupling was also removed during this conversion work. It worked in this role for nearly twenty years until the 1974 petrol crisis saw it retired off.
  7. Hello Mike .. its dave here .. I am the Dave who took you to see the IGL3 which you bought . I took you to see it first of all you came to my house I seem to remember , then we had lunch and then went to Ian Simpson's house and then on into Derbyshire to see the IGL3. I did see the IGL3 about ten years ago now when myself and John Crossley went to see Les Smith's IGL8 which he bought soon after. les Smith's IGL8 was the one from the yard at Baughurst. I do hope you did not have to sell your IGL3 because I can see the huge amount of work that had gone into it when we saw it on the farm. We did not meet you there but you gave John directions and I seem to remember we found it quite easily at the time. How are you getting on, I think we last spoke about ten years ago now, my wife had a serious stroke a few years ago and that has seriously curtailed any trips to see far flung Crossleys but I have carried on restoring my coaches with the aid of a retired coachbuilder. One completely finished and one well on the way ... external frame completely rebuilt ..panels back on .. the next big job is the paintwork. Well hope to hear from you soon if you see this thread .....
  8. Hello there folks ... yes the first and third photographs are definitely Crossleys ... as well as IGL2 type there is an outside chance they could be model BGV which stands for Crossley .. British Government Vehicle .. the giveaway is the fluted profile of the radiator top tank which has the oval cast into it in which is the script "Crossley" . If they were model IGL3 they would more than likely have the slightly later radiator which does not have the flutes but still has the oval with "Crossley" cast into it. If you look at the threads on the forum on the Crossley Kegresse half tracks and find the pictures of the one and a half ton Crossley Kegresse which is being restored at Deepcut presently you will see a very similar radiator.
  9. Hello Richard I am a new forum member, I only joined last weekend. I wondered if you had heard from PB Harcourt recently and if you knew how he was getting on with the 2 Crossley 4x4s he had acquired from some place near to Portsmouth where there appear to be some caravans parked from the photos he posted a couple of years back. I should know where the yard is because a friend of mine went a few years ago to pick up some bus spares and took photographs of the Crossley 4x4 with the Perkins engine which had been used as a timber tractor (and these are photos which I have only just seen ) But I immediately recognised the timber tractor shot. PB Harcourts last post on the subject of the 4x4 s was at the end of 2013 and I wondered if you knew of any progress. I have a friend who has three Crossley IGL8 lorries and has just finished a Crossley 4x4 and has two more to do.! I have a Crossley tractor unit but at present I am restoring my second Crossley motor coach.
  10. aaha I have just successfully posted my previous thread ( I had alittle ptoblem getting udsed to the system) so I will carry on my commentsnow. I have learned recently that Derek lambe died about four years ago and I have no idea what happened to the Crossley after his death. In recent years I have been more involved in my Crossley coach restorations and some years ago my wife had a serious stroke and so I have not been keeping abreast of Crossley non civilian survivors as much as I used to. By the way in a previous posting I think somebody was under the impression that the Type numbers had something to do with vehicle nominal weight, I dont think that is the case at all they simply are a sort of code for a body type some similar body types are numbered near each other and other types are not. I do think Bruce Robertson's book would be helpful to Larry because as well as the lists there are some photographs showing some type numbers on particular vehicles.
  11. Hello folks, this is only my second post as I only joined this forum last weekend. I am sure Type numbers refer to the body type (and there fore function) irrespective of the chassis that carried the body. I used to talk on the phone to a chap called Derek Lambe who in his later service days was responsible for calling up large quantities of RAF MT to be withdrawn and he told me he was provided with a book which listed and described all body types which helped him call up for withdrawal and hence eventual sale of RAF MT/ ( I am not saying he decided what was to be withdrawn but I presume the book helped him identify particular vehicles. I seen ti remember I got the impression he still had a copy of this book when I used to speak with him in the eighties and nineties. I think i last spoke to him about ten years ago. He lived at Fenstanton and he owned a Crossley 4x4 Type 1 load carrier ( a tender in RAF parlance).
  12. Hello I am Dave and I am interested in Crossley Motors the erstwhile Manchester firm that supplied lots of vehicles to the RFC and RAF MT during both World Wars. I have restored a Crossley coach and am mid way through a second Crossley coach restoration. I also own a 1929 6 cylinder petrol Crossley bus and a 4x4 wartime Tractor unit, yes the type that towed the Queen Mary trailers. I look forward to talking all things Crossley on here and also to updating the whereabouts of Crossley vehicles being restored as well as the ones I am already familiar with. Well thats it for now ....
  13. Hello "PB Harcourt" I have just joined this forum and this is my first post apart from talking to an administrator, I am interested in all things Crossley, I have restored a Crossley coach and am mid way through a second one . I also have a 1929 6 cylinder Crossley bus I took over in a dismantled state and also a complete but as yet unrestored Crossley 4x4 Tractor unit. I noticed you havent posted any news in the last year so i am interested to learn of any progress and what your current list of things needed and wanted for the restoration might be. my name is Daveby the way! Look forward to hearing from you.
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