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  1. That's a shame as when I contacted them a few years ago they had lots of full maintenance manuals and I had three copied for my project. I passed them on to 'Rms Leyland Hippo' He may be able to copy them for you?
  2. Hi Louie, Try contacting the Manchester museum of science as they have all the original Crossley fwd manuals , and they will photocopy them and post out for a small fee.
  3. Thanks I will have a look👍
  4. Just reviving an old thread as I have just purchased a similar Snatch from Withams. Any advice greatly relieved!
  5. Hi James, I am really pleased that you have taken them on as I just didn't have the time or resources to throw at them. I am happy to assist in anyway that I can. I have a set of manuals a starter motor and a bronze carb that I bought but never got to use. Regards, Paul
  6. I think the problem would be chloride ions in the steel, they would rust the steel quicker than you could look at it! Five years in a bath of running water or a week in a furnace i believe is the way to rid it of the chloride, putting a tank in a furnace with HE shells would be interesting! The slapton sands Sherman has been coated in bitumen to stop it degrading any more. It would be great to bring them up and a real challenge to preserve them but worth it in the long run, the only other way is to leave the history to disappear. A big glass tank of water with a Centaur in it would make a
  7. Tracked amphibians reminded me of this Centaur! Not originally an amphibian i Know!
  8. I am still here, silently stalking Like a lot of big projects, life and finances have got in the way. The Crossleys are still there waiting my attentionbut will need a big cash boost to see some results along with the fact that some little b%*&£# stole the big copper radiator as soon as I removed it to clean and repair. If you want to join forces for the good of Crossleys generally please let me know. I think it's deplorable that there are very few WW2 British vehicles at the shows and would like to see more returned to the road.
  9. Thank you, the manual didn't make it clear what it actually did.
  10. Carb stripped, cleaned, checked and reassembled. It was like new, with no wear at all. These carbs are like buses, I haven't been able to find one for years and now another one has come my way:cheesy:
  11. The Solex arrived in the post today, and what do you know it's complete and in good condition! After referring to some rather grainy photos in my photocopy manual it looks like it mounts straight to the four bolt manifold but only using two of the available holes, not quite sure why Crossley did this but hey ho! It is a governor carb which the manual explains how to adjust but what does this do and why? I will strip and clean it and post some pictures later.
  12. Thanks Richard, your right of course it is the 46 RZI not an RVI oops! I was in Salisbury today Christmas shopping, I could have dropped in to see you Andy.
  13. Excellent news Andy! The Crossley has a two bolt fitting to the Carb and a square four bolt fitting to the manifold but I can always adapt it if they aren't the same.
  14. I cant believe it's 8 months since I did anything with the Crossley! Well I am now the proud owner of half of a Carb for the Crossley, if anybody has the butterfly throttle part that bolts on the bottom for a Solex 46RVI please let me know! :laugh: The carb is made of Bronze which is why there aren't many left, so I may have to adapt something.
  15. Have any of these wood burning gasifier trailers survived? I have been surfing the web and become obsessed by the suvival rate as they seem to have been mass produced but have all but disapeared now!
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