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  1. I came across something a bit out of the ordinary yesterday. I have never seen one before, it's the remains of a WW2 Laundry trailer. The tank on the back is from something much later but the basic flat bed trailer is all there including convoy lights and white reflective plate on the back axle. I think it may be quite rare?
  2. I don't know I'm afraid, and the photos I took were some years ago. I could contact the museum and see if I can visit the storage area again to see how she is now if people are interested.
  3. It is in stunning original condition with only a rough post war coat of paint over the original RAF blue. It worked at a builder's yard on the Isle of Wight for about 10 years before being laid up.
  4. There are a couple of other pictures on this thread but I will try and find the other pictures I took.
  5. There is a complete unrestored one in the Winchester museums collection with RAF trailer. It's in their storage facility at Winchester which you can visit if you make an appointment. I did have a load of photos somewhere.
  6. That's a shame as when I contacted them a few years ago they had lots of full maintenance manuals and I had three copied for my project. I passed them on to 'Rms Leyland Hippo' He may be able to copy them for you?
  7. Hi Louie, Try contacting the Manchester museum of science as they have all the original Crossley fwd manuals , and they will photocopy them and post out for a small fee.
  8. Thanks I will have a look👍
  9. Just reviving an old thread as I have just purchased a similar Snatch from Withams. Any advice greatly relieved!
  10. Hi James, I am really pleased that you have taken them on as I just didn't have the time or resources to throw at them. I am happy to assist in anyway that I can. I have a set of manuals a starter motor and a bronze carb that I bought but never got to use. Regards, Paul
  11. I think the problem would be chloride ions in the steel, they would rust the steel quicker than you could look at it! Five years in a bath of running water or a week in a furnace i believe is the way to rid it of the chloride, putting a tank in a furnace with HE shells would be interesting! The slapton sands Sherman has been coated in bitumen to stop it degrading any more. It would be great to bring them up and a real challenge to preserve them but worth it in the long run, the only other way is to leave the history to disappear. A big glass tank of water with a Centaur in it would make a great exhibit.
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