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  1. Hi Mel, Do you have Austin lorry? Could you post any pictures? The contract is the same as by my K30/Y. Regards Radek
  2. The story about this engine is: My father has bought it 20 years ago. The chap told that took the engine from create and put it to his garage. He would like make any agricultural vehicle. :-D And now is time put this engine to my K30, but first check it!
  3. :cry: which one, do you have any pictures?
  4. Hi to all, I am cleaning shed and I have found this two engines. I thing they are from twenties. One looks like as a JAP. Could somebody tell me more. Thanks
  5. I have on wheal for sell or trade, but looks like you have enought. ;-)
  6. Hi Steve, only two are survived! One what would you like buy and secound is in Czech Rep. 'Forum member Higgins is owner of this vehicle. I think anywhere here is tread of this vehicle.
  7. Hi, could you make any pictures of the Austin K3 to? Thanks
  8. looks like as canadian one, it is for sale? PM me please.
  9. You are welcome. :cool2: Thanks for the parts, what will come to me.
  10. Radek

    Austin K30/Y

    I have only a few time for the K30 :-( leaf spring after cleaning with presure water old bushing primer new bushing and bolts
  11. What is the nice armoured beast on the trailer? :wow:
  12. Hi to all, could somebody help me where can I find bolts and nuts with "old" high head BSF/BSW tread? Now are on the market standard lower heads, but on the oldtimers are with higher. Thanks
  13. Radek

    Stollen Welbike

    Please make report to the british Police department. Czech can´t make anythink. :-(
  14. I have anoter few carriers http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?t=21425 but I am looking for missing parts. The Maultier wheals are free for sale or swap.
  15. I am downloading pictures from my phone. Do you have picture of the Loyd wheals?
  16. I am new in carrier comunity. I have bought two carrier projects with spares. Now I am sorting what is there. Just found 4 wheals from german Maultier and anothers are there. First I have to identifi the another wheals. There are small upper wheals but with rubber rim and on the carriers are full metal. Maybe are from loyd.
  17. I would like know prices for parts and postage to the Czech Rep. Now I know that I can´t use paypal for payment. :-(
  18. Hi to all, I have traied order the parts on russell motors website http://www.russellmotors.co.uk/ , but the mail come back as undelivered (spares@russellmotors.co.uk). Has somebody corect email? Thanks
  19. Only e few what I have saved from scrab yards.
  20. Thanks, but is only repro not a original one.
  21. Any pictures for you. This one is my.
  22. I thnig is is only one registered shot down Panther tank with PIAT from any Canadian soldier after invasion.
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