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  1. WW2 Gunnery turret trainer

    Yep, that’s the place, lot of the structures still there, only wire fence surrounds it. Some is acceptable from the public beach, some rails poking out the sand and few concrete building bases and wiring conduits. Blast wall onto the beach is still there and few of the low concrete walls inside the Field, guessing the track still there too. no remains of the training equipment, but there’s a few farms about, they love to hoard stuff, or have memories of its use.
  2. WW2 Gunnery turret trainer

    Guessing your a Lanc fanatic mate? theres an old RAF gunnery range at HELLS MOUTH near Abersoch in North Wales. Some of the old structure and narrow gauge track still there, inc the blast walls. Good access and just sheep there now.
  3. WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    To me the wall thickness is an issue on this as stated. I have formed 4” copper tube on steam boat engines with no problems using the fine sand method, but that was thicker wall. We have hydraulic pipe benders in the workshop but even doing thin wall steel tube is an issue for us. Pity an internal support spring can’t be sourced, what about a spring suppliers, we have an old time spring manufacturer local who make and spring clip or coils, a lot kept in stock.
  4. Just came across this picture from 2013 any ideas where this trailer was and if possibly for sale please?
  5. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Have you seen how many holes are in that hull, like a sieve I bet!! Lol
  6. Universal Carriers blueprints/ books etc

    I have two British Mk1 Mortar Carriers that are on the back burner to do.
  7. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Well done mate Give me a shout for the hydraulics if and when you need.
  8. 10cwt mortar trailer.

    I'm watching this if the right price. Also looking for an airborne hitch for my lightweight trailer if anyone can help please.
  9. CTC fire extinguisher

    Hi Is this dated at all? Cheers
  10. A Dutch friend is trying to locate any info on the following. Looking for relatives in the Toronto area. Any pointers on where to look or anyone who could help please? Hello Paul, try to trace next of kin of the following soldier:, thnks in advance, https://www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead/casualty/2659558/shaw,-hedley-morden/
  11. Cleaning spark plugs

    When I had the classic cars we used to hold them over an open flame (gas cooker or blow torch) to burn any residue off then a SOFT wire brush, brass bristles or even hard nylon to clean. For light build up, rub the tip on an old tyre, don't advise using abrasive papers if looking delicate. Brake or carb cleaner will work too. Hope this helps
  12. Horsa glider items

    No, not that one then! But if anyone's ever over there, you need to give this place a visit. It's got armour, aviation, weapons, kit and equipment galore, a lot from the local battle sites and surrounding areas.
  13. sterling smg

    There's a props company in Ireland that makes ANY prop weapon . They made me some fully functioning mills grenades, full strip, action, even the lever flew off when thrown. Also a holster filler Webley, with break action, revolving chamber and dummy rounds. :wow: They are called GREEN PIG, give them a shout, be surprised if they don't already do one.
  14. Rolls Royce Merlin Aero Engine for Auction

    The Universal Carrier bit further down too.
  15. Horsa glider items

    You mean the 39-45 museum. It's a great place, love it in there.