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  1. Hoseman


    Friend started restoring his K9 but his ‘engine’ box of nuts and bolts etc have gone missing. Looking for either the TREAD SIZE or spare BANJO BOLT (filter?) for the carburettor inlet. Green Machine has some for the Champ, same or not? Carb is the Zenith 42VB. Any help greatly appreciated
  2. Hoseman

    10cwt GS questions

    Yes, small lug is for handbrake return spring. I think the cut off angle may be for convoy light mount. Had to make all these on mine from just pictures, made the whole 7” of lower trailer from scratch, sides, floor, complete drawbar, all clips, brackets and mounts, even spring hangers
  3. Hoseman

    propane gun simulator circuit boards

    Hi Colin im interested for a Bren conversation I’m looking st doing. Are they custom made for the specific fire rates? have you a board size please? thanks
  4. Hoseman

    British Army Stoves

    Welcome on board Stoveysteve.
  5. Hoseman

    British Army Stoves

    I’ve spoken to my mate who repairs and refurbs burners and stoves. hes asked me to pass on his info if needed Steve Darby grizzly.darbs@btinternet.com or message him on 07771521115 paul
  6. Hoseman

    British Army Stoves

    If anyone needs spares, info or repairs on any British burner or stove, there’s a good engineer friend of mine in Essex who’s obsession is these. What the guy doesn’t know, not worth knowing. He’s called STEVE DARBY, if anyone knows him, if not PM me and can pass his details over.
  7. Hoseman


    Essar is the old Shell Stanlow Refinery, spent half my life in there.
  8. Hoseman

    British Army 12 x 12 Tent

    If anybody needs traditional wooden HAND MADE tent pegs can I suggest The Scout Store, online. All correctly made, the grain in the right places, different sizes and lengths and VERY CHEAP. Cheapest I’ve seen, I got 20 X 9” for £15.00 inc postage .
  9. Hoseman

    WANTED: British WW2 radio message pad

    I was going to say speak to Rob, great bloke and a LOT of books, manuals, leaflets, forms etc
  10. Hoseman

    The finished C type!

    Like it, nice one
  11. Zuffin beat me to it. Its a pulley or external bearing puller. Was using one yesterday, modern equivalent but exactly the same. Modern ones have interchangeable feet on the bottom of the legs for different applications. Yours seem to be for one certain application. Be nice to find out what tho.
  12. Hoseman


    In the UK you don’t need a license for a blank firing weapon, you can actually buy the blanks off Amazon with no proof of age etc. You DO need to be over 16 years old to own one. You need to be a member of a group or organisation too. As for deacs, the certificate is just a piece of paper. You don’t actually need a certificate for a deac. You do if selling it on tho. As long as the weapon is proof marked on all the parts deactivated, bolt, barrel etc, it is legal. Some displays will insist on documentation also to attend. You need a certificate if taking your prized welded up paperweight to Europe tho. To prove the deactivation is to their current butchery laws! Some countries, it’s actually easier to own a live firing weapon such as Bren, Sten, Enfield etc than a deac!!
  13. Hoseman

    For Sale Gas firing gun circuit/coil/valves/spark plug

    Bugger, just seen this too late. Im looking for the same if anyone can help. Thanks
  14. Hoseman

    Universal Carrier Canvas Cover

    Can I recommend Frank Brown at Pegasus Drive for the canvas. Great guy to work with for webbing and canvas gear
  15. Hoseman

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Also check for air leaks, sucking in air will also cause the engine to cut out.