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  1. like it like it...........any idea of its date of manufacture , it looks like a WW2 pattern rather than a post war model .Any idea of what colour you are going to paint it? I was informed that all RAF vehicles during WW2 were painted green wether that also covers bomb trolleys I`ve no idea?
  2. Hi Julian I remember them well , I did get one of you and your mates many years ago ,I just wished I had kept it as it was in a blemish free condition , not one crack in any of the Perspex panels. Little did I know that I would end up restoring an Lancaster upper turret as well , never mind I might have another one coming .
  3. Thanks very much for the replys , i might just have an upper turret cupola on its way which will get the Lancaster upper turret well on its way to looking some thing like, For that model of turret i am looking for the hrydraulic and oxygen slip ring which is mounted on the underside of the turret floor section.
  4. Hi Paul I have just sent a reply to your pm , i will going over to east kirkby soon as i need to measure there FN50 upper turret as thats another turret i am in the process of restoring plus a couple more..................i think ive got a turret fetish i must start taking pills for it!:nut: thorpe camp had also passed my mind i will give them a try as well............TA!
  5. Hi Danny Thanks very much for your reply , FN stands for Frazer Nash a british company that used to make turrets for the Airministry during WW2. This model of turret was also used on the wellington and Stirling bombers.
  6. Hi , i`m in the process of trying to restore a Lancaster bomber FN5 front gun turret ,can any body help with parts . I am in need of a turret ring , gunsight mount brackets and arms and lastly the perspex cupola. Always intrested in dug up parts or even parts that have come out of the sea!
  7. The only thing i have are one wheel assembly and one new track pad if thats of any help?
  8. Hi tim When i purchased the rear body , the chap gave me a full sized outline of his doors and frames plus some dimensions so hopefully they should come out ok? fingers crossed what i am looking for are the dimensions of the chassis top cross members. These are the ones with lower cut out and which the ammo body bolts to , you can clearly see them on that lovely olive drab painted Quad. I hope to have the canvas dyed green within the next month and sown up by my far hands , thats if i can control my sowing machine............ The end result will be have the hoop sticks painted , canvas on
  9. what a lovely job , can`t wait until mine is looking that good. i think this years job is to make a new set of rear doors for the ammo body and fabricate the upper chassis cross members that hold the body to the chassis. Until then heres the latest bits for the truck , new valve covers just need two more to make a full set.the very rusty thing in the right hand side of these covers is one of the original ones. Another piece of the jigsaw.................
  10. Tim I can quite honestly say that my engine was in far worse state than your friends , it was just red rusty all over. it looked like it had been outside for sixty years and it was`nt as oily inside so with this in mind , i reckon he should be able to remove the pistons like i did. Before i even attempted it, i made sure the cylinder bores were as clean as i could get them just by rubbing the rust off with emery paper. the pistons that were at the top (TDC) were actually the easiest ones to get out?
  11. the old rusty engine that i brought back is the one that you can see on the floor next to the aircraft gun turret in the first lot of pictures i sent in. It actually came apart quite easily except for extracting the pistons out of the bores but i remeber seeing an episode of salvage squad were they had used very hot engine oil poured down the bores to release the pistons? this was some thing that i had never tried before so i thought i might as well give it a go because iether way they have to come out and before every body jumps on their keyboards , there is no cylinder head that you can
  12. i obtained the body from a guy that i met at Beltring , i put up a sign on my stall saying that i wanted parts for a Nash Quad. seeing as its the worlds largest MV rally i thought why not give it a go and blow me this chap turns , i think his name was roger? He had come all the way from rance with a friend of his and noticed the wanted sign. My French is rubbish and he did`nt speak a lot of English but between us all including friends from both sides , he mentioned that he had a rear body .........Yehhhhhhhh! After he left my mate said he mentioned that also had a engine........Noooooo
  13. Abn deuce your dead right its a B17F flying fortress sperry upper turret that from an aircraft that was broken up at my local airbase which was RAF Burtonwood which sadly is no longer. thank for all the kind remarks about the Nash but be warned i can not restore the truck at the speed tonys doing the Dennis , as it takes 2 1/2 hours to get to my friends where it is kept so its going to be a slow process. Heres a couple of pictures of the rear body which was found in France...colin
  14. Hi tim its me again , i was going to explain what each pictures was although they are self explanitary (i think thats how you spell it?) The first picture is as how i found it , the next as it is now , the seat after it had been constructed and covered and the last is the engine after it had been sand blasted and the crank reground. just trying to get the canvas dyed after which i will machine stitch together to make the hood so hopefully the seat ,hoop sticks and hood will be finished. another piece of the jig saw arrived the other day from a good friend (this guy builds Aircraft merlin e
  15. Hi tim i suppose i could....... just got to sus out how to send a picture.......here goes.
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