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  1. simpleearth

    RAF Land Rover tilt colour?

    Thanks Ted for posting the image above, I am trying to track down RAF Lightweight images for my restoration of 53AM78. Do you have any more photographs?
  2. simpleearth

    Australian BIG mil. vehicle sell off

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Has anyone any experience of bringing a vehicle from Australia back to the UK?
  3. simpleearth

    A real hero

    Fascinating story, thanks for posting it.
  4. Thanks for the confirmation, I don`t suppose you have any photographs?
  5. Thanks for the photo, could you take a shot of the dash please as I have some painted over stickers on mine and I would like to have copies made. Thanks.
  6. Thanks guys. Ref the record card: RAF West Raynham 18/12/72 Marham - West Raynham 19/1/76 The history card confirms its colour as Blue/Grey, It also looks like it might have been used by 100 Sqn which was flying Canberras
  7. I am trying restore my LWT Land Rover back to its former glory. I need a colour photo - if possible showing any decals etc. My lwt is one of the 1st Series 3`s that entered the RAF in 20.11.72 . Any images would be great. Reg no. 53AM78
  8. simpleearth

    Sad news about one of our Members

    R.I.P Condolences to his family.
  9. simpleearth

    Burma Spitfires , check your piggy banks

    There was supposed to be lots of kit dumped in Lough Erne near Enniskillen in County Fermanagh. I was asked many years ago if I would help retrieve some of the Jeeps that were dumped. I didn`t as the gear was supposed to be covered in razor wire :shocked:. If you want a Sunderland there has been sonar surveys carried out in Lough Erne and again there is supposed to be a few sitting on the Lough bottom. Water visibilty less than 1" due to the peat water.
  10. simpleearth

    So what do we all do for a living then

    Awesome job. I spent 20+ years exploring ww1 + ww2 ship and submarine wrecks and sonar would have made it much easier. I have an internet business selling products worldwide.
  11. Have you seen my models? The models on this thread are amazing and of a standard I could never reach. The faces are fantastic.
  12. simpleearth

    Daughter born today!

    Congratulations to you and your family.
  13. simpleearth

    Chevs rescued

    Fantastic thread. This should be an inspiration to everyone. I have been thinking on enrolling on a welding course and after seeing what you have done maybe in 20 years time I will be able to accomplish the same (except I will be 70) .
  14. simpleearth

    Goodbye to the Lancaster

    A few years ago I was diving in the Irish sea and a Lancaster and a Flying Fortress flew over our boat, the noise was awesome. Watching your clip sent a shiver through me. Thanks for uploading it.