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  1. Hi Ian Thanks for your reply, It confirms what I thought best regards Brian
  2. Can anyone help me work out what radio set would be fitted to this Argyles LandRover in Aden in 67, I thought Larkspur but not sure ? thank you Brian
  3. Hi Howard Many thanks for the offer, I have sent you an email. Much appreciated. regards Brian
  4. Many thanks for your help and information , as you say photos of the Suez champs are very thin on the ground , I found a decentish one of a Champ with 2 Para in Joprdan in 68 and a couple of other not so clear ones.It is for a model (until Howard's is released) so all help is appreciated. Thanks again Brian
  5. Had not spotted that one david , many thanks regards Brian
  6. Hi Peter , that is the photo I found on the net ! , you dont happer to have any of the rear or interior by any chance ? thanks for the reply Brian
  7. I recently found a photo of a restored Paras Austin Champ fitted with the 106mm recoilless rifle ,unfortunatly It was only one frontal photo , can anyone suggest where I could find more photos that show how the 106 is installed and what other modifications were made to accomodate it ? regards Brian
  8. Many thanks again Ross It is all very helpfull especially the photos , I will post some photos again on the Model making section soon. Once again your help is very much appreciated. regards Brian
  9. Hi Ross Thanks for your reply and input , The vehicles were supporting B and C squadron Scots DG in Kuwait then Iraq , I have two photos taken by Tony Nicoletti, I'm not sure what set up they have but have been told elsewhere that a Twin VRC353 or a 353 and a 321 would be likely. I am in the process of sculpting the piper figure ( Jim Johnston from Dundee ) , here are the two photos . I have the chassis finisdhed with the 28v alternator built and added. cheers Brian
  10. Does anyone know or have a photo of what the radio fit looks like around this time in the back of a FFR Hardtop ? , Would it have been Clansman ? regards Brian
  11. Hi all , I have recently joined the forum , I hope to aquire an Ex MoD Landie towards the end of this year ( once my garage is built) , I also build models and have just started a Gulf war vehicle , If anyone can help provide me with some info or assistance with details I would be most grateful , i have started a thread in the model kit section - http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?28905-RSDG-Land-Rover-Kuwait-2003 best regards Brian Murdoch
  12. This is my latest project , Inspired by the two photos below , The Photos were taken in 2003 with the RSDG battlegroup in Kuwait and then Iraq , the piper is Jim Johnstone and he regularly got up on the bonnet at sunrise and sunset .I am not too familier with the details of this vehicle so any help would be great.I will sculpt and convert a figure of the piper. The kit I have states it is a Defender 110 hardtop but I think it is more like a Wolf , to compound matters my model is RHD but the on in the photo is LHD ( RSDG were based in Germany) . I have reversed all the front end steering r
  13. Hi Tim , I will know where to come when I'm looking for information cheers Brian
  14. Serious model engineering sir , my respect ! , looks fantastic . regards Brian
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