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  1. What's up, can you not sleep? will have a look, cheers:kiss:
  2. Hi everybody, I have a Clansman Intelligent Battery Management System that at present is not intelligent. :-( It has a VLO message on the front window, the fault list reads Lower than 21volt input.. :cry: Power supply is pushing out 28.4 volts at the end of the lead. I really have no idea what to do next other than send it to Army Sigs or Aish Tech. Thanks, Jeff
  3. My problem is the number of times I get HMVF site not responding. Needing resets each time. Takes 3 times as long to make posts so now dont normaly bother Jeff
  4. Possible shared storage in ashford from Feb. £150 ish per month pm for details Jeff
  5. Bout time!!!!! Jeff :yawn:
  6. Can't please all of 'em all the time mate.:banghead: Have fun
  7. Dave and Pete have already said thanks to everyone that helped us over the weekend and especially on Sunday evening, it really was appreciated. I think it was Ian and his son who were always the first to ask for jobs. Thanks guys you did a great job on the spuds. Not forgetting young Rosie and of course Joris etc as well. :-) Shame the tatty peeling gave her the trots and they had to go home. Hope you're feeling better now.:shocked: As Pete said it really was a shame that the Dutch had to show the Brits how it is done. If we do it again we will need to book the fine weather instead of the wet. At one time on Saturday night I thought we were going to float away. Hey Ho as they say, made my hair grow. Jeff
  8. M3VBL on board. Cant be assed to do the others
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