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  1. WW2 Onan generating set, 2 cylinder. This set has an interesting civilian history and has been dry stored for some time. I haven't tried to make it run but the previous owner said it would work. It is quite a heavy lump though not physically big. The sides for the rad are there but the wooden skid carrier was live wormy so it has been destroyed. looking for £200. I am in Shropshire/ N.Wales area, P.M. me or 07858 414565
  2. I remember as a student visiting the Luton factory in 1989, which by then was AWD trucks; they were still producing export "J" type trucks with no front brakes for export sale.
  3. I have done some research; it seems that to cover a city and docks area like Bristol, hundreds were required and all of them ready to move at a moments notice as the wind changed. The British "Haslar" system covered the area with oily residue. I assume you Hedd were in college broadly the same time as myself late 1980's. I am surprised that they were being released as surplus so late for conversion at that time, also by that time farm transport was starting to become by legal necessity far more slick than earlier "crudeness". These examples have obviously been hanging around much longer than that but the stretching is indeed crude but obviously successful in the agricultural sense.
  4. These are quite distinctive modifications with the kicked up front end; the welding is pretty horrible on the mods but all that is to be cut away anyway.
  5. Here is a pic of two of the trailers. The closer one has a plaque on it "HASLAR 5 Ton - C.L.Co."
  6. You could ask these; we deal with Dave; http://www.swagemaster.com/
  7. If you look here; one of the WW2 variety was listed on fleabay last week. Due to the level of delapidation the pictures reveal the usually hidden internal construction. You might be able to view the item but I suspect as it has been pulled it has changed hands. NOTE; This link sends you to a suggested alternative item but there is a link to the original listing or alternatively search for "WW2 GMC Workshop Body" then look in the completed items bit! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-Gmc-Cckw-Workshop-Body-/173400944442?hash=item285f806f3a%3Ag%3APqMAAOSwK~VbQlFE&_nkw=gmc+body&_sacat=0&_from=R40&LH_Complete=1&rt=nc&nma=true&si=qmU45dn5aXFUaFhEUnI0jBZHP1w%3D&orig_cvip=true&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  8. Hi, I purchased these military headlights via a well known web based sales site; when they arrived I was surprised (but not disappointed as they might well be better for my purpose) they have sealed beam units installed, these are obviously not as intended as the redundant wiring is still in place. However the sealed beam units do not have any marking on them to indicate what voltage they are intended to run. Can I assume that they are commercial vehicle 7" units and they are for 24 volts. I know I could wire them up to a 12v supply and see if they are bright or dim and then try them at 24v. Seems strange they are not marked.
  9. These are a good place for re-sleeving brake cylinders; they usually have a few weeks lead time so don't delay getting them there. Have used them several times. Always done a good job for me and not too costly. http://classiccar-brakes.co.uk/contactus.htm
  10. However, I did not risk annealing the whole pipe, just the heat from soldering on the new nipple; the old one was a bit rough. Cleaned it out with pipe cleaner and blow line. We will see how it lasts.
  11. Are you suggesting L. Gardner and Sons got it wrong?
  12. Because it would look like I didn't care what I was doing. It is not a get me home repair.
  13. Annealing to soften (i.e. reverse work hardening) copper heat very carefully until dull red, leave to cool or quench in/with water. Quenching lifts the brown patina on the metal leaving pink copper which is much easier to polish.
  14. Has any one got any thoughts, one of my vehicles has suffered a fractured copper diesel pipe. It is not a problem to shorten it and reform; if it was a steam pipe I would anneal it and hopefully to ward off subsequent breakage. However annealing a pipe usually leaves the internal surfaces scaly with loosened deposits which would be difficult to confidently clear, which isn't usually a great problem with a steam pipe but this is the pipe from the filter to the pump and any resulting debris left in the pipe will go straight in. Anneal or not?
  15. Try John Manners Transport, near Alnwick, they haul a lot of straw North from Lincs/Cambs and over the Border, they also specialise in machinery, would have backloads South and may wish do the trip in two stages; to their yard, then there South, if the Bedford is easy load/unloadable. They are good company, I used to work for them years ago. They have an interest in unusual jobs and have helped me out several times. Phone Fraser Manners 07703 114314. http://mannerstransport.com/
  16. I have this ground anchor. I am told this cast steel version (I don't think it is a forging) is most unusual in the U.K. although I don't think it is the only one I have seen. I purchased it from one of the larger surplus dealers at Beltring about 20 years ago; I didn't pay a special premium on it, as I remember it was mixed in a pile of the normal folded plate version. Can anybody tell me more about it? I know someone wants to reproduce them and is looking for a drawing, if one should exist before I make a drawing for him to use to make a pattern.
  17. The Brill M7 type is completely different; has any one got any more pictures of the British version?
  18. thanks, those Haslar pictures are a similar weight trailer but not identical to what I am looking at here.
  19. I have been offered 3 off old farm trailers; they have been described as WW2 Aerodrome Smokescreen Generator Trailer chassis. Has anybody heard or seen anything answering this description. They are fairly distinctive construction but not in anyway unconventional sprung and braked four wheel turntable steer trailers, 20" wheels; not very heavy construction like what I would say was 3 ton capacity. I will post pictures when I have some.
  20. Those Shermans want dumping back into a freshwater lake for 10 years. In the sea, salt leaches into the metal. I know someone did this with an engine block that had been used as sea anchor. Pretty much impossible to stabilise the metal after that without reversing the process. I had a couple of years in the metal conservation industry. A tank of sodium carbonate solution is better like they did with the whole submarine "Holland 1". There is some reference to it here;https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Holland_1
  21. It is a vague area. The way I understand it show fields and the like might have Road Traffic Act applying but that does not make them public highway. My experience is that my crawler tractor; when I showed it had vintage tractor policy insurance on its serial number. it was not road registered. I was once challenged that I should have tracked vehicle licence but I argued that I wouldn't be able to take a test on that tractor and sense overruled. A car for instance only needs tax and M.O.T. for public highway. A showfield where RTA applies is not public highway.
  22. Lots of ways to hurt yourself recovering stuck machinery. I once went to winch out a tractor and silage trailer, it was well down and leaning over in a boggy patch maize field and I had travelled through a closed flooded road on the way; would indicate the general weather. The contractors crew had tried to increase the effective diameter of the bellied tractors' wheels by blowing them up more; when one gave up and blew off the boss was blown into the standing crop and ended up in hospital for a couple of days; if he had been blown into any of the nearby machines would have been much worse. However when they had run out of chains to break they summoned our 6 wheeled Matador based crane chassis winch machine and none seemed too impressed but was out onto dry ground fairly sharply.
  23. The way I understand it the "reconstructed classic" thing is for when you make (and want to register) a "fresh" vehicle using appropriate old parts and new parts. As far as the DVLA is concerned the vehicle is dated as from the newest component used. I am not so sure with a restoration which needs a new chassis; personally I would patch up the existing chassis no matter what that takes, get it registered as such, then as follows: However I still believe that if you have an up and together vehicle with an existing registration which by reason of deterioration or damage needs a new chassis then a new chassis can be provided and the chassis number carries on; it is just a repair part. Obviously problems may show, if subsequently it is found that the old chassis is not so bad after all and then used as the basis for another reconstructed classic.
  24. I went to a private show last weekend. There was two steamers and about 2 dozen tractors and a few lorries activities included ploughing/cultivating and winching demonstrations; which are always problematic to set up for paying visitors. It was all set up on a do what you want/ when you want basis really; a large barbeque to cook what you brought with you. The only onlookers were a few interested locals who got to hear on the grapevine. I am fairly sure all involved considered it a great success and will be a better but not necessarily larger thing next year. I don't really see why it is considered necessary to consider risk assessment or any other documentary plan for such a scale event. I always used to go to a great event, it was in a field behind a pub. The owner of the field wasn't the owner of the pub and he "tolerated" our prescence but didn't actually give us formal permission. It was on a similar do what you want basis and don't aggravate anyone else there was enough space. Someone used to get a barrel of beer and the sawing area provided wood for the braziers. It was brilliant and people used to come from far and wide and bring the best interesting exhibits. Onlookers weren't encouraged but weren't stopped. It only fizzled out because the pub closed.
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