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  1. 2 hours ago, SirLanceUK said:

    Well after going across to my Spartan for lots of other things and despite getting distracted by various people I have actuallty found the wiring loom for the cupola and sure enough there is a plug in the right position to plug in to the 3 pin socket on the periscope, and now thanks to Andy we know what that plug might be used for other than just a place where lots of wires get joined together.

    Another step forward.


    The heater.demister is an element around the sight eyepiece,  (which gets pretty hot)
    The plug to the right is the connection for the oft not seen commanders night sight.

  2. Instead of poking around in the engine and removing the front armour  you may be able to fit a ballast resistor in the drivers instrument panel, across the terminals of the starter button that shorts the ballast resistor out.- - needs investigating?
    Somewhere on here I posted a connection diagram of the DIP as the one from Green Machine Surplus has some mistakes.


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  3. 1 hour ago, radiomike7 said:

    Care to clarify, that sounds like you used E15 petrol not E5 or have I missed something?

    Asda don't sell E15   my way, perhaps they do with you?  so yes  it's E5. And yes 600ml in 1200ml out, anyone want to try getting more than 600ml out be my guest.

  4. Recently did a little experiment on E5 petrol, added 600ml of water to 4 litres of petrol, I extracted the 600ml of water out and another 600ml of Ethanol.

    It can be got out just takes a lot of effort. Have yet to find out the effect on the engine.


  5. 4 minutes ago, Alex2909 said:

    Hiya, thanks very much for the tip! As an (extremely!) new cvrt owner, could you give me some guidance on where physically it is in the engine bay? 

    On the front of the engine against the drivers firewall (which you may have to remove along with the drivers seat)


  6. I'm champing at the bit, after doing some major overhaul work and petrol being as low here as £1.02 a litre,  I can't even go for a test drive.

    I anticipate a minimum of a 3 month lock down if people play by the rules, but they aren't so that is going to make it longer. 😞

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  7. The petrol pump filter is easily available on Ebay.

    I fitted an extra CAV/Delphi filter in the fuel line as contaminant was passing through the other 2 filters - works a treat.


  8. I'm sure there are people buying these vehicles and realising very quickly they are out of their depth, as well as chancers trying it on to gullible people.

    I bought a Spartan little realising what problems I was taking on, luckily I am more than capable of sorting it out.  There's a Shielder on ebay for £22k - honestly,  a vehicle with a spares problem to start with including track that's hard to obtain.

    A 432 which has an asking price of more than a CVRT, is heavier, more difficult to work on - where's the sense in that?


  9. 8  as new off Lucas Lamp Bases as fitted to Landrovers with a metal based glass lens.

    These are the light rings holding the lens of the side/indicator/stop &tail lenses fitted to LANDROVER with the metal screw in lens. They will not fit the glass lens found on Ferret and CVRT or some other vehicles.

    £50 plus postage for the 8

    Please send me a private message - NOTE these do NOT fit the all glass lenses fitted to Ferret/CVRT and some other vehicles.



  10. 10w30 for everything that needs oil. some people do use 15W40 in the engine.- all oil sshoul be mineral oil. The cheapest way is a 20 litre drum of ebay for about £45.

    Do not use semi synthetic or synthetic, especially in the gearbox.


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