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  1. Thanks a lot Richard! I have never been able to find out this information before. It is such a handy thing, and although we only use it a couple of times a year I could not miss it. Marcel
  2. This is our Coles with AEC engine. Lift capacity is about 16 tons, and it is a very handy thing! I think it is an ex-army crane but cannot find any documents (manual, parts list etc.). So if anyone can help me out I'd be most grateful. All the best Marcel
  3. ...or if you make the trip across the Channel with the Scammell!:-D
  4. A good product for making leather smooth is whale oil. Marcel
  5. When did they start welding frames like this? It looks quite the wagon for doing some heavy haulage. I visited Ironbridge in May of this year, what a great piece of engineering it is! Marcel
  6. Could be that the rad with rounded edges is earlier, but I am not shure if the one with square edges is aluminium, it does not look to be casted. Not sure about the lights, maybe they had not enough to fit a batch with two units? Marcel
  7. Yes, one day it should look the same! It even has the same type radiator (with the rounded edges). This one has two headlights, I wonder why some only have one? Thanks! Marcel
  8. What a great movie! I also think they are not Peugeots, but they look very much alike. I like the shot at the end of the movie where a traction engine is pulling the canons with a Holt 75 (I think) standing next to it. I will start a separate thread on the Peugeot as soon as it arrives. All the best Marcel
  9. Tim, yes it is the same one as in your picture. It looks even like this one also has only one headlight. I like the details like PM (Poids Mort or dead weight)=3000 and PU (Poids utile or payload)=3000. Can't wait to have it home! I will post some detail pictures of the trailer this weekend. Marcel
  10. No, but I think I have seen it once. If we are talking the same book, there was one picture in it with a Peugeot 1525. Marcel
  11. No it isn't, but for its age it looks quite good. The engine is loose (in fact it was that loose that I had to check if it still had the pistons), but as I said it is missing the flywheel and the cone clutch. Quite easy to make the flywheel, for the clutch I will have to make a pattern and have it casted in aluminium. Guess I derailed this thread, anyone can tell me more about the trailer? Marcel
  12. Thanks for your welcomes! I found the truck in France, it is a 1916 Peugeot. Like I said I will post pictures when it arrives. The submarine engine was taken out of the vessel after the war and used to power a standby generator in a towbridge. We recovered it in the mid-nineties and have it now installed to run a Gardner compressor (just for fun). Marcel
  13. Yes, it is of French origin but you don't see those very often. It's a Peugeot 1525. Here is a picture I found of one that could be mine but it isn't as this one has a slightly different radiator. I hope to take delivery before winter sets in. It is in fairly good shape, but flywheel and cone clutch are missing. I'll have to go and take measurements of another one, it should not be too difficult to recreate.
  14. Thanks for the replies. The trailer looks to be factory built and has forged axles. I will post detailed pictures of the wheels later on this week. The pictures of the truck will be posted as soon as it arrives, but here is a teaser. All the best Marcel
  15. Hi all New here, and have a question: we have this wagon on cushion wheels, it has an all riveted frame, leaf springs, brakes on front wheels. The wheels have wooden spokes and steel rims. In the cushion is casted 'Hutchinson' and 'made in France'. The front axle is also wider than the rear, maybe because of the steering? Seems to be original though. Whatever it is, it will make a nice fit with our WW1 truck that yet has to arrive. Thanks, Marcel
  16. Hi all New here, and not really into MV's but with a keen intrest in old iron! Mostly tractors (the older the better) with the oldest one from 1912. Also stationary engines, and a Worthington ex-submarine engine. Military related a Cat D8 but also other plant like a dragline and a JD scraper. I registered here because we have bought a WW1 truck, I will post pictures as soon as it arrives. Lots of interesting and new stuff here so I guess it will be fun! All the best Marcel
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