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  1. dwc959

    Humber pig wanted

    Do you have any pic please and price
  2. Is it for sale then this pig regards Dave
  3. I'm intrested in the pig project 07885231365 thankyou
  4. dwc959

    Humber pig wanted

    Wanted Humber pig cash waiting Texas or call 07885231365 Dave thanks
  5. dwc959

    Humber pig

    I'm not realy bothered if the price is ok
  6. dwc959

    Humber pig

    Cheats thankyou two gone one miles out of my price range
  7. dwc959

    Humber pig

    Anyone got a Humber pig for sale cash waiting call or tex me dave 07885231365 cash waiting
  8. dwc959

    Karrier K6 drivers manual

    How much do you want for this please
  9. dwc959

    International Half Track

    Is the half trac still for sale
  10. dwc959

    Bedford QL engine

    Bedford oy six cylinder petrol please
  11. dwc959

    Bedford QL engine

    im looking foe a running Bedford engine do you have regards dave
  12. dwc959

    Update Matador price reduced

    Were are you can I come see please
  13. dwc959

    AEC Matador price reduced

    do you have a phone number please mark
  14. dwc959

    Leyland Hippo in Scrap Yard

    Hi guys I'm on with sorting the hippo iv made new bows renew all the wood all the tinwork on the cab it's taking some time but you should be seeing it soon on the show scen
  15. dwc959

    Leyland Hippo in Scrap Yard

    What parts do you need