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  1. I ask myself the question: Alvis Fighting Vehicle Society forum is dead? society still active? at the time it seems was an interesting forum, but now ... because nobody talks? Regards...
  2. Most pieces are intended to several private collectors, and some are in my collection
  3. The reflector is a (FLAKSCHEINWERFER 60 CM A.E.G) With operation by Carbon electrodes and automatic feed system Siemens-Schuckert. with 60volts dc to 90 amp. and adiameter of 60cm. mirror, used by the Germans during World War II, especially as accompanying reflector in 20mm flak batteries.The last picture is prior to the restoration, as can be seen using the same carriage transport the flak 30/38. (luckily saved Covered almost all the time) which enabled it to be fully functional after restoration ... this piece was for a customer and is on sale now...
  4. Behind each of the pieces they have their story Each restoration is like a baby and despite being the order for a client ... most of them once rebuilt. They take part of my ..unfortunately all of them are demilled, thanks to the laws of our country.... 155/13 and 60cmts german AEG reflector
  5. HI Redherring the piece. the last picture is a 75/22 Espanyol mountain cannon. He is a gun carriages from the 105/11 schneider used during the civil war to which after this change were very worn by a 75/22 cannon manufactured by Ordnance Factory of Seville tube.who hit the same projectiles used by the 75/28 Schneider in Spain with different load projection
  6. Hi ... After present myself in the relevant section. I want to present some artillery restored by me. best regards...
  7. Hi guys. Greetings from Spain. My name is Josep. Some time ago I read you. finally I decided to introduce myself and become part of this community... I hope excuse my English ...:-(:-X but surely we understand ...:-) I am fond of military vehicles and especially the track ... as well as all kinds of artillery and guns. I have extensive experience in restoration of various pieces of artillery, but little in vehicles. I would like to get a scorpion CVRT, scimitar or sabre. I hope to learn much from you. greetings to all and Merry Christmas....
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