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  1. Thank you, Armoured Farmer. That's settled it, you'll all be pleased no doubt!
  2. Correct. They were also in Medenine Barracks, Tripoli. B-Sqn, definately Oct 1962 to perhaps Jan 1966. The first date is 100% correct, the leaving date is not verified, yet. They took over from Cyclops 2RTR. Saladins, Saracens, Ferrets, RLs, K9s, LRs, a Scammell Explorer 93BD96 and 20t trailer and, a few odds and ends. All lovely Light Stone - coloured, bearing the Barbary Dhow flash of Tripolitania whilst the other squadrons over in Cyrenaica bore the Cyrene Pillars flash of that District.
  3. But I have a vision of you as a Brigadier, rather fetching, don't you forumers think? Maybe in a little tank too? I'll be happy to stick with whatever I have, WO1 I think it is. But I would like my posts posted number to be returned, whoever's got it.
  4. I did indeed report as you said Wally, but also missing from my Libya-Tripolitania thread are the 'Viewed' counts. The 'Viewed' counts were quite useful and provided some of the inspiration to keep posting. I did have 60,000 which was pretty good for a special-focus thread that has run for about a year. Still, early days yet for this splendid new forum format. "Come on Joris, give us a 'fix' please". Thank you.
  5. BlueBelle

    Welcome back!

    Yay! Photos are back in all their light-stone glory, thank you. The links in the quotes still are not 'live' though and I'm hoping you'll be able to work on these too, please. I'm impressed with your technical skills and in putting such a large and complex forum together. Well done, again! Example of dead links pasted below:
  6. You are not alone. It worked yesterday, sort of; today it's as you describe. I've asked for a fix in the new Welcome section where lots of 'things to do' are being reported. When I paste my Libya thread link in here, a photo, just one is shown, how odd, yet if I select 'paste link only' here, and/or click the single photo link below, there are no photos, again, on the thread. Such a mystery!
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    Welcome back!

    It's here Joris: http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/35098-libya-tripolitania-vehicles-barracks-1950s-to-1966/ Thanks.
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    Welcome back!

    Oh no, the Libya-Tripolitania thread now has no photographs! Where have they all gone? They were there yesterday. Please can this be fixed?
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    Welcome back!

    Looking good! Well done for completing a mammoth task in such a short space of time. My Libya-Tripolitania thread looks intact though it seems that many photos are duplicated though..... maybe they were before! Teething troubles with links in quotations not working and I'm unable to progress to next page from 'next' or the next number. I have to click then see that nothing is happening before refreshing the page in the browser bar .... then I have the next page! Not tried going page a page though! I'm itching to play and post a photograph, hoping its as straightforward as previously. Tomorrow maybe! Thank you for providing us all with such a great forum. Lizzie PS. Just noticed I only have 3 posts to my credit. I am to be demoted?
  10. That was a good find Robin. Trials and Development on a shoestring, even then. I was hoping to see the sabots in flight not just 'mysterious' explosions in the butts. Back to my sand-coloured stuff now ......
  11. Thanks Wally, Armoured Farmer, Clive and Gordon for your ATU input. That one box still is a bigger box, isn't it? I thought for a while Wally was going to show said Royal Fusilier Champs in Tarhuna! I have seen some of them Champs, on a website somewhere as a Malta-based regiment. Poor quality photos that I saw but always top quality info of one sort or another that can be gleaned, no matter how fuzzy, wobbly or faded the photo. :-)
  12. Marvellous! Glad you are. Good tip of yours Rog. On an Apple this that or the other, if there is no auto expand for a photo, right press your Apple mouse, click 'view image' and then on the keyboard, press and hold down CMD whilst you press + to expand or - to reduce. Stay tuned!:cheesy:
  13. No, not so. All vehicles, armoured and softskin seem to have been camouflaged so, just as were their sister Divisional regiment of the time, 5RTR over in Barce, Cyrenaica. For those Bays trucks that appeared in 'No Time to Die' et al, their base colour scheme was Light Stone, with or without the DAK splodge camouflage daubings. Remember in a previous post in this thread, I commented (I think?) on how some of the DAK painted and marked Bedford QL/Austin K5 trucks still bore the British Bays squadron markings and even a H for Operation Musketeer! Those tanks and trucks though, didn't show any signs of the British DarK Green or Black camouflage patterns and, makes me enquire as to whether or not The Bays armour and softskins were ever painted in just plain Light Stone on its own (same enquiry for 5RTR). During the same period, most other Tripolitania-based regiments and smaller units did not apply camouflage to their armour and softskins though I have somewhere a photo or two of Half Tracks from KRRC (Infantry) Derna and Tripoli with Dark Green or Black patterned Camouflage. The 14/20H with first, their Comets, Bren Carriers and M32 ARVs, then with their Centurions and at least one Caernarvon 07BA75, were the predecessors of The Bays at Sabratha (Nov 1952 - Nov 1955); their tanks and soft skins were plain lovely Light Stone. The Bays were the last regiment or unit to be based at Sabratha (Feb 1956 - Aug 1957). 10 Armd Div disbanded. 25 Armd Bde disbanded. Downsizing the British Forces in Libya was then well in hand, again.
  14. Article 19 revoked? Perhaps not as red 'red cross' brassards can be seen worn by HM Armed Forces medics amongst those deployed to the hurricane disaster zones in the West Indies. Perhaps Brexit will provide relief from EU dictatorial gobbledigook impositions on Great Britain and if we prevent continued leftie-liberal PC pandering, we shall get our red crosses back (and odd shaped fruit and veg!) :laugh:
  15. My sides hurt from laughing so much! Good to know you care about both varieties of the species! :laugh::laugh::laugh:
  16. I don't ever comment in such a manner on the threads of others but this 'project' makes me want to weep. What have you done to a mighty fine historic vehicle? Are you serious about ruining it further? I think you may perhaps be on the wrong forum? But 'welcome' to it anyway and all the good advice you'll receive! What's the number for the Ferret Rescue Centre, anyone? I hope you reconsider and change to performing a respectful and as near authentic as is feasible restoration of your historic armoured vehicle.
  17. It's the promised upgrade for the few remaining tanks in the inventory, designed to 'increase lethality and survivability'. According to 'sources' Ajax have these few painted thus as they are the 'urban warfare specialists'. I wonder if before taking Berlin, they'll retake some of Britain's 'no-go' areas? More than a pinch of salt needed here! I wonder how they'd blend in within the 'town' on Salisbury Plain training area? Wrong sort of houses, methinks, so perhaps they'll stick out like sore thumbs.
  18. "Quelle horreur"! The photo above does not 'blow up'! Yet the previous (and others) does. "It's not me" doing it though sadly there certainly is no way again that my photos are going up on here as 'full blown originals' for them to be misappropriated by anyone. Not that 'small size' photos are for misappropriation either. So, here's some detail of those ABTUs on the wings of the Champs. In doing this, I noticed that the VIP Champs have what appears to be white seat squab (that's a funny word) covers or over-covers, that only one of the VIP Champs has white-tipped front bumpers whereas the non-VIP Champ has and, that one of the VIP Champs has a black or DBG windscreen inner frame. Plus I think I'm right about the missing hooter, unless it's hiding somewhere else. Got to get it right!
  19. A shoot! Some big wigs turned out in September 1958 to watch, ferried in to a makeshift airstrip by an Auster 6 AOP of 8 Independant Recce Flight (Army) based at RAF Idris. They'd come to see B Squadron of the Sixth Royal Tank Regiment, Homs during their annual firing camp (a month out in the desert). The VIPs were Lt. Gen Sir Roger Bower CinC MELF seen standing in his 3-star Champ 07BF81 (notice the FFW set-up and a little flagging flag or pennant on a little pole on the far side of the bonnet) and who has adopted the typical officer 'I'm in charge, really I am' pose. With him is the CO, Lt.Col P.A Vaux. In the middle Champ, 07BF85 with his 1-star plate is our other VIP visitor, Brigadier George Laing, Tripolitania District Commander. With him is B Sqn Ldr and the Adjt (names available). Note the same little flag and pole as before, the radio set-up (different to the C-in-Cs) and a blank Bridge plate. Is the hooter missing on this Champ? The closest Champ, 02BF09 is actually the B Sqn Ldr's vehicle (see the diamond) and standing to the side of it is the regiment's 2i/c (name available). This is a radio vehicle too but have you noticed the different antenna base units or, at least the rubber antenna mounts? Hmm, FFW becomes FFR perhaps? We need a Champ/Radio expert's opinion here as I am merely the observer, reporter and conveyer of fine deserty photos. All the officers are wearing shoes! With thick socks woolly, black-topped for the wearing of. I wonder if the officer (name available) in his black (yes, they are black with out a doubt) RTR overalls atop his Centurion is wearing boots or shoes? I know not but we may yet find out. The Champs all belong to 6RTR and none to TripDist HQ in Tripoli. Notice the Arm of Service and Formation flashes on the Champs. Only in March the same year, 07BF81 sported a red rectangle with a white 52 as its Arm of Service flash, thus indicating markings had not been updated fully since dissolution of 10 Armd Bde and the posting out of the 'other' armoured regiment, the more senior Queen's Bays from Sabratha at the very end of 1957 (they wore a white 50 on a red rectangle as in the previous photo). Photo by David Sands 6RTR
  20. Oh dear. If your K9 looked like this one below in the rugged landscapes, deserts and seas of sand in Libya, you'd perhaps have avoided the ignominy that befell you (not the truck!). Users in those days, trained to drive the K9, had no problems with locomotion in all terrains. That bit of metal with the holes in it proved invaluable though only the REME-crewed trucks carried them in 6RTR. The other trucks, RLs in particular, driven by the other members of the regiment and in 2RTR as well, including my Pop, the ASM REME with the TQMS as a co-driver in a Binner (when he wasn't in his Ferret) didn't carry sand channels. On a Saladin-proving exercise from Homs to Toummo, the only vehicle out of 30 or so to get stuck in a salt marsh and needed a tow out from a long distance by a Scammell was a ....... Saladin! The sand channels didn't work! Perhaps the Army School of Transport still has the driver training course material and a space available? I'm just teasing you. I hope your lovely truck didn't get too muddy and that your pride has since recovered. Photo by Ronald Gill REME
  21. A Dodge M37! Thank you, Enigma. A very dark shade of US Army olive drab or 'green' too. The Centurion 'dark shade' colour over the light stone appears to be a wishy-washy black, a matt black, perhaps? Not a green. The colour of the sand the vehicles are on is a stark contrast to some of the other shades of sand we've seen so far. More of a beach sand (the sea is just behind the sand dune, if you've noticed it) and is the colour I vividly remember from my childhood beach days in Homs.
  22. One wandered, lonely as a cloud. Yes, another interesting sky after 94BD67 in the north of England! Centurions draw me, perhaps you too? Having also dusted off the salty sinking sands of Egypt we're now back in Tripolitania. Land of sun, sand, sea and Sabratha. Yes, a camouflaged Centurion Mk3, 06ZR62, fitted with a Hohne Organ, had a 'more than once' chance encounter with a US Army Topographic Survey unit who had managed to 'stick' their 3/4 ton truck (Dodge ? something or the other, fitted with winch) on top of a little sand dune. 'Out of nowhere' came the 2nd Dragoon Guards, The Queen's Bays (Cavalry) to the rescue! The tank from B sqn The Bays of course, successfully released the US Army from their entrapment. Notice the H marking. It's summer 1957. 10 Armd Div still nominally in existence and the tank wears the white left-facing standing rhino on a black oval, complemented by a red rectangle bearing a white 50 as the senior armoured unit in the division (the other being 5 RTR at Barce, Cyrenaica). So perhaps not all of the Bays Centurions were daubed in DAK colours for the film makers! Photo by Thomas Smith US Army
  23. Yes, a great picture, the sky in particular! I love textured skies and, clouds provide that element as so well captured here. Oh, the 3rd truck from the rear is a Morris MRA1 as defined by the interupted body strake bar.
  24. Here you go, Tarland. Unbogged REME to the rescue! http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?57596-This-weeks-Scammell-Explorer-question/page2 http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?57353-Scammell-Explorer-1955/page9
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